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Baby Strollers is Parent's Best Friend

by Norbert Shtaynberg 27 Mar 2019

Lawn Mower, Baby Strollers is Parent's Best Friend

Besides the infant car seat, the baby stroller is the next important parental equipment you will need for your newborn. Strollers will make getting around with your child easier if you choose the right one.

When selecting your stroller, price shouldn't be the main concern. Safety is, and you should look for one that is designed and constructed with quality materials. At a minimum, there should be a five point harness that keeps the newborn securely in the seat.

Online reviews and baby product buying guides can help you get detailed analysis and comparisons of many different makes and brands of baby strollers. But nothing beats spending time at retailers such as Babies R Us and trying what they have available.

When you go to these stores, bring your infant or child along if possible. If you don't, then bring a doll or use your imagination as you play with the strollers.

Strap your infant or child into these strollers and notice if it is easy or difficult to latch and unlatch. Latches should be child escape proof but not a struggle for a parent to remove in a couple of seconds.

Take the stroller for a test ride throughout the store, navigating aisles over bare floors, carpets and bumps. While you are doing this notice if turning corners is easy or hard, whether the frame has a solid feel or is wobbly.

Now take your child out and retract the stroller into its compact storable position. Then open it up again. Try this a few times and imagine if you will be happy with how the stroller performs this function.

For new parents, traveling without a stroller is almost unimaginable in today's world. When you settle on the right one, errands, trips to grocery stores, parks, restaurants or events will be much more convenient.

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