Baby Toy Buy It From A Baby's Point Of View

Toy, Baby Toy Buy It From A Baby's Point Of View

Selecting toys for a baby can be quite a task for any parent. Numerous selections line the shelves but we never really know which toy is suitable for our baby. Wouldn't it be much easier if babies could point out to the toy that tickles their fancy?

Here are some tips that can help you choose a good toy to help with your baby's growth and development:

Safety First

Whatever babies can get their hands on has a very good chance of ending up in their mouths. Make sure that toys for babies do not have any small parts that can be swallowed accidentally. Also, painted toys should not contain toxic substances. Baby toys should also not be able to break easily. Broken toys can end up leaving sharp edges which can injure your baby - not to mention injure you if you accidentally step on one!

Sight Development

In the beginning, babies have very poor eyesight. You need to be about a foot in front of your baby's face for him to be able to see your features. Toys with contrasting colours can help develop your baby's eyesight. Couple contrasting colours with motion and you get a toy that can improve your baby's vision focus and tracking.

Look At It From A Baby's Perspective

Since babies have no say as to what toys they enjoy most, they cannot be targeted for sales. So, toy campanies target the parents instead. Take the toy mobile for example. The mobile is designed to be pleasing to look at from a parents point of view. When you walk into a store, the mobile needs to capture your attention to be able to sell. Nothing wrong with buying a mobile that looks nice from your angle - just make sure that it is also interesting from your baby's point of view. After all, he is lying down on his back and staring at the mobile from the bottom!

Keep it Simple

Various marketing gimmicks are used to sell toys. One that has been around forever is using popular cartoon/TV/movie characters/themes. A child of 2-3 years and older will be able to identify with these characters and can appreciate them. For a baby, they mean nothing. Babies are just interested with the desirability of a toy. If they smack it, it makes a funny noise, they smack it some more. It makes no difference if the toy they just smacked is a generic dinosaur or a popular purple one.

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