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Baby Toy Ideas For the Bath

by Norbert Shtaynberg 07 Apr 2019

Some babies would spend their entire first year in the bath if they were allowed; others treat the bath as if it is a pot of boiling oil! Interesting and age-appropriate baby toys for the bath can make the difference between a happy, positive and relaxing time of day and a stressful and scream-filled one. Today we check out 8 awesome toys made just for bath time!

1. Bath books

For wee ones who love to wallow in a nice warm bath, like bath books are a great option for bath time. They are also a lot more relaxing than other splash- or action-oriented bath baby toys, which can sometimes wind kids up before bed.

2. Bath stacking cups

You can use these from birth, to pour water over your little one, and as they get older they can be used for their intended purpose of stacking! Most ordinary stackable toys aren't bath-suitable, as they aren't heavy enough.

3. Waterslides

Just the miniature-sized version... I'm not suggesting you take your baby to the waterslide park every time they need a wash! Miniature baby toy waterslides have the action, the noise and the colors to distract kids who dislike bathing.

4. Hoops and balls

These are more for older babies and toddlers, but hoops and balls can be a very entertaining bath time game! If your baby or toddler has older siblings to show them how to use it, this bath baby toy will be a great learning experience.

5. Squirters

Squirters have been around since your baby's grandparents' time - they're a simple and very fun bath toy that will most likely never go out of fashion. You'll have to keep an eye on toddlers that can wrangle a squirter by themselves to make sure that your bathwater stays within the boundaries of the tub, though!

6. Rubber duckies and floating toys

There's so much imaginative play waiting to be invented with rubber duckies, boats, sharks and other floating toys for the bath. Young babies won't play with them by themselves, but once they can sit up and do some grasping they're a great way for you to get involved with your baby's bath time play.

7. Mountable mirrors

It isn't always worth getting a separate mirror for your bath, but if you're buying a mirrored baby toy anyway look for one that is water-safe. Mirrors are one of the few baby toys for the bath that younger kids will get some value out of as well.

8. Bath organizer for baby toys

Okay - this one's cheating a little, as your baby really won't care a fig about the organizer! However, these net bags with silicone suction cups are invaluable for keeping bath toys tidy and organised, and off the floor. And then you are much less likely to remove all toys from the bathroom in frustration at having to constantly kick them out of the way! That's a bonus and a good buy for both your baby and you.

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