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Plush, Baby Toys for Baby Development

Whenever we talk of baby's appearance it is always about how cute and sweet they look. Some years of your life continuously revolve around babies. Sometime it becomes very difficult to keep them busy to have time for yourself. Mostly for parents it becomes a tricky problem to engage their baby so that they can do their own stuffs. In such condition baby's toys are a great rescuer. Toys keep babies busy and happy and also their little motions restricted to a small area due to which they remain protected from injury. Toys are most vital thing for babies and are available in a wide array. Some of the all time favorite toys are:

Soft toys

They are very common and classic and perhaps the most popular among toys. Made of cotton cloth pieces they are the safe and available in various shape and sizes. Soft toys have wide range of option to choose, from animals to cartoon characters. They can be attached to prams or cribs. Now the modern technology has added some inbuilt functions to them also like making sound and light. With more innovative ideas like installing musical tools to them has increase their popularity.


Puzzles are most favorite and indeed very important to increase baby's mental abilities. These puzzles games help in intellectual development of babies. If a child is in habit of playing with puzzles games he or she do not leave the puzzle unfinished because of the curiosity level they develop during playing. This tendency of not leaving the game until they finished make their brain sharper.

Cars and Buses

Children like these a lot, especially the boys. They want these stuffs whether it is electronic or mechanical but which can be controlled by remote are more famous among children. They are available in wide range from low cost to expensive you can buy them depending on your budget.


The round playing object either it is a plastic ball, rubber ball, basket ball, baseball or football it doesn't matter them. They are only concerned with rolling object which they like to hit and chase after. Balls the most common and all time favorite among babies, they roll, clutch, toss and chew on it. If you are running short of ideas on what gift to give to a baby on this birthday, ball may be an ideal rescuer for you.

Cartoon characters

Cartoon characters are equally famous among babies. Barbie dolls are most favored by girls. Although liking for such characters change time to time yet there are some all time favorites like He-man, Spider man, Superman, GI Joe etc. Now-a-days toys of sinchan, Pokemon, Ben ten etc. have also made space in the list.

Bath Toys

Kids love to be surrounded by toys even if they are taking bath. Floating toys of many animals and cartoon characters keep them busy and happy. Along with these toys bathing time becomes a fun time.

Whatever the toys you bring for a child, they must be easy to handle and comfortable. Also consider the weight of toy before buying; the heavier toy could hurt the baby during play. If a toy has battery it should be sealed properly. Soft toys must be cleaned regularly as it tends to get dirtier easily. The cost of these toys varies from low to expensive. Depending upon your budget you can also purchase for your little angel.

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