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Baby Toys - You Need to Buy When You Have a Baby

by Norbert Shtaynberg 30 Mar 2019

Human, Baby Toys - You Need to Buy When You Have a Baby

Playtime is very important for a child. That is why parents make sure that they buy their children toys that they can play with. At the same time they also want their child to learn while he plays, so they go for educational toys.

Toddler stage is a crucial part in a child's development. In this stage, he learns so much about social roles and develops his motor skills. He becomes aware of the people around him, other than his mommy and daddy. Also, this is the time where he starts to toddle around, explore and become aware of the things in his environment.

A child will be achieving developmental milestones during this stage. This fact is an important thing to bear in mind when choosing a toy for our baby. So it is best if we will give them something that will promote the skills that they will acquire during their toddler years. Let us take a look at the five educational toys and games that will surely make your toddlers learn while they play.

#1: Books for Babies

Development of love for books can be developed as early as one year old. In fact, some parents start reading books to their baby even if he is still inside the mommy's tummy.

Colorful books such as Baby Einstein Animal Melodies will surely capture the attention of our toddler. It contains vivid colors and designs, plus classical music that will help them relax. This book will develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in your child. He will be excited in pushing the buttons on this books, for each Baby Einstein character button plays a song!

# 2: Baby DVDs and CDs

If your child has no playmate inside your house, it will help if we buy them Baby DVDs and CDs. During their toddler years, children are becoming aware of who they are and what they have. Buying these media aids will help them be aware of their body parts and communication.

DVDs and CDs on nursery rhymes and songs will introduce your child to different beats and tunes. These will also help in facilitating our child's language development.

# 3: Baby Toys

Toys such as shape sorter will develop the child's matching ability. One good choice for this kind of toy is the Baby Einstein Shape Sorter. This colorful boxed set houses nine shaped board books that will help our child to learn about different basic shapes. They will sort and match each book to the die-cut slots on the box of the same shape.

There are also toys that can serve as a teether. An example of this is the Discover & Play Teether Book - Numbers. It is a soft fabric book that will acquaint our little ones to the idea of counting, numbers and language. A soft, durable and non-toxic material that contains real-world, colorful images spelled out in English, Spanish and French. This toy will easily become one of our child's favorite companion.

# 4: Wooden puzzles

Wooden puzzles also make it to the list. Melissa & Doug Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob features an easy-grasp knobs for little hands and pictures underneath each thick piece that will develop matching skills. This toy will also introduce our toddlers to sea creatures such as fish, crab and turtle.

# 5: Wooden Toys

Engaging toys that will surely capture our child's attention and are wooden toys such as bead mazes, push-along animals, stacker. The Guide craft 1 to 5 Counter is a good buy due to its colorful rings that will facilitate our child's skill in sorting things of the same color.

During our child's toddler years, his desire to explore new objects and new people is increasing. He will be able to recognize familiar faces and objects, that is why it is important for parents to choose the toys that their children will play with. They can choose from a variety of educational toys that can be classified as baby books, baby DVDs and VCDs, baby toys made of non-toxic and soft materials, and wooden toys and puzzles. Watching them learn while they play with these toys will be an enjoyable experience for every mom and dad out there.

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