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Baby Walker Help Your Baby Learn To Walk

by Norbert Shtaynberg 05 Apr 2019

One thing you may notice very quickly about your baby is that once they can start to hold themselves upright, everything they learn seems to happen in leaps and bounds eventually culminating in trying to walk. Your baby when carried on your hip will often seem like their head is on a swivel, they are attracted to lights, different sounds and bright colours for the most part, and so using aids that incorporate these factors is very helpful.

Children are constantly learning and one of the hardest things to get down pat is physical coordination. Before babies learn to walk they first crawl and then they start to pull themselves up using furniture and other supports. This is absolutely the perfect time to start helping them learn to walk. One of the best ways initially is simply helping them to step away from furniture by holding onto your hands, this works to help them realize that they are not limited to walls and furniture. Your baby at this stage knows how to step but most likely will not watch where they are going, indiscriminately stepping on obstacles and trip hazards. One way to combat this is by using a walker, not the sort of walker they sit in as these aren't true aids in learning to walk, they don't put your baby in a real walking posture.

The type of walker you need is one that has a good easy grip handle and has the rear wheels level with or behind where your baby's feet would be. This is a must as the wider and further back the rear wheels reach the more stable the walker is. I mentioned earlier that babies are attracted to bright colours and interesting sounds, so finding a walker which has these attributes is definitely a must. Your baby will be so much more interested in using a walker that is brightly coloured. Some walkers even click or have a ball filled marbles which spins all of which also provide an interesting sound. Babies find this particularly interesting because they learn to associate the movement with sound and this helps with cause and effect awareness as well.

There are so many brands of walkers available with all different sorts of bells and whistles. One thing that most toy companies all incorporate into their walkers is bright colours, so with that being a given, you just need to decide on what other features you like the most. Do you want a noisy walker or a quiet one, do you want a walker that can turn into a wagon for later on or maybe you want a walker with an activity panel that has buttons and lights and electronic sounds. Whatever type of walker you are after you can be assured there is one that will suit. It really is just a matter of personal choice.

Want to find some great walkers, have a look at some baby walker review pages. One of the best walkers that I could personally recommend would be amongst the Fisher Price Walker range, They have a range of great walkers to suit many different personal choice options. See the link below for more great information and photos of one great Fisher Price Walker in action.

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