Baby Walker Is Used To Make Your Baby Capable Of Taking First Step

Person, Baby Walker Is Used To Make Your Baby Capable Of Taking First StepAccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics, baby walkers aren't safe for a baby's use. In fact, they all encourage parents to throw their infant walkers away! Such a waste, if you must say. Good for you if you have not bought any one of these for your kid. But if you already did, these statistics might alarm you:

Fact #1: Around 14,000 children were injured due to baby walkers annually.

Fact #2: Since 1973, 34 children have already died because of baby walkers.

Baby walkers are deemed unsafe because it gives children too much mobility than they need. The wheels in the baby walker get them to dangerous spots around the house faster than you can stop them. This is especially true if you have stairs or steps in your home. Worse, baby walkers can cause drowning if you kid strayed too far away from you and towards the outdoor pool.

Also, pinch injuries can be initiated by infant walkers. It's easy for the toes and the fingers of the baby to catch onto something. In a baby walker, kids sit in an upright position. That gives them the ability to reach on to objects, which in turn, could fall on them and hurt them.

But then, all of these accidents and injuries can be prevented. First, you have to childproof your home. This means that anything that could harm your baby should be kept away from him. Buy childproofing devices and install them around the house to keep your baby safe. These are all required regardless if your child is using a baby walker or not.

Secondly, don't treat the infant walker as your child's baby sitter. Parents tend to leave their kids unattended in the baby walker. This is dangerous practice. Even if your child seems to be playing happily alone in the walker, that's not an excuse for you to watch TV or do some other chores. Keep your eyes glued to the kid all the time. If you can't do that, better take your child from the walker and put him in the crib where he's safer.

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