Baby Walker Keep Your Baby Safe

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Kart, Baby Walker Keep Your Baby Safe

Your little one is getting more mobile. It is great to watch and you just "know" she is going to be walking soon. You call your mom for advice and she tells you to go get a baby walker. Being a contentious parent you do a web search for "walker for babies" and you see tons of articles that say they may not be safe. You don't like the sound of that so you start looking into baby walker alternatives. Here are 3 that are really great.

Stationary Activity Centers - Central Harness

Stationary activity centers are a good substitute for a walker for babies. They are fixed in place so there is no danger of your child falling down stairs or pulling a pot on their head.

Most of these I've seen have the baby in a harness in the center of the station. There are toys and activities positioned all around her and she spins around in the harness to play with them. Some also have cup holders and snack trays.

Stationary Activity Centers - Exterior Harness:

Another kind of activity center I really like is where the baby is in a harness on the outside. The baby can walk around the center to get to the toys. This seems to help the baby strengthen the leg muscles a little better.


These are great because they require a lot of parent interaction. They are simply a harness with a couple of long straps attached. The idea is that a parent stands on either side of the child and holds her up while she practices walking.

Parents naturally do this anyway when playing with their kids, but this way the baby has to balance a little bit more, strengthening her muscles, and there isn't a risk of damaging baby's arms by pulling on them since the parents are holding straps.

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