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Baby Walkers For Fun Loving Active Infants

by Norbert Shtaynberg 04 Apr 2019

Vehicle, Baby Walkers For Fun Loving Active Infants

The Juppy Baby Walker is a new invention that will redefine how a parent teaches a baby to walk. For a number of months before a baby learns to walk, he or she is interested in practicing the movements necessary for walking. Additionally, learning to walk is facilitated by exercise and the strengthening of the appropriate muscles. To help the baby maintain the proper upright walking posture while learning to walk, the parent generally leans over to hold the hands of the baby or to support the baby under the arms.

However, repeatedly leaning over to assist and support a baby day after day can cause stress and strain on the back of the parent. The Juppy Baby Walker conveniently and safely allows a baby to practice walking and to strengthen the walking muscles while supported in a proper upright walking posture.

Another substantial benefit of the Juppy is that it allows the parent to remain in a comfortable upright walking posture, thereby reducing strain on the lower back. The Juppy Baby Walker allows the parent to deliver a customized, enjoyable and optimal learning environment for the baby.

Finally a Baby Walker That Makes Sense!

The story on how The Juppy came to be:
On the morning of August 27, 2008, the inventor of The Juppy Baby Walker, Jeffrey J. Nash, father of Keisha Nash Whitaker (Wife of Forest Whitaker) was visiting his granddaughters in Los Angeles. That morning he awoke to the realization that today was his son, Jeffrey's 30th birthday. The problem was that his son was in Italy traveling as an actor with The Living Theatre Europa and he had no way of sharing his birthday with him. Consequently, Jeffrey was a little off-balance.

The previous night, he had a dream that a good friend of his, that he had not spoken to in a while, had a beautiful baby girl. The next morning Jeffrey sent a text message to his friend, but received no response. Shortly thereafter, he proceeded to make his granddaughters blueberry and banana pancakes for breakfast. After they ate, Jeffrey went to the guest house to tell his girlfriend that he had already eaten breakfast, but he would take her down to a local breakfast place. While they were at the restaurant, he told her the story of how he was somewhat out of sorts, not being able to talk to his son on his birthday. About ten minutes into her breakfast, someone started singing happy birthday to a little boy whose name just happened to be Jeffrey.

The next morning as Jeffrey sat at a local Starbucks, his phone rang and it was his friend that he had texted the day before! He told her about the dream he had two nights prior and her response shocked him. She said that when Jeffrey had sent her the text message, she was in the doctor's office receiving the news that she was pregnant, something she did not know at the time.

After that conversation, Jeffrey drove to Burbank with his granddaughters and saw movie, grabbed a bite to eat and walked around a mall. When he returned to the house, Keisha and Forest had just returned from the Democratic National Convention. Jeffrey told them that he was going to rest, but Keisha mentioned that the girls had a soccer scrimmage. Because of this, Jeffrey had no time to rest and he reluctantly accompanied them to the soccer park. As he sat watching the scrimmage, he observed a mother bending over walking her baby. Although he had seen this thousand of times, that particular day it meant something new to him! In that instant, Jeffrey visualized the design of the Juppy in his mind. And this is how The Juppy Baby Walker came to be!

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