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Bath Time Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

by ANB Baby 30 Sep 2021
Bath Time Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers


As new parents, you might be confused about the logistics of bath time. Babies are delicate and fragile and require a softer touch when bathing as their skin is thin and needs special care and attention. If you’re trying to learn everything about bath time and want to make the experience enjoyable and safe for your baby, we have some baby bath tips to make the process easier.

1. Have A Routine

Newborn babies don’t require frequent bathing as they don’t really move around or get dirty and sweaty. Toddlers need more frequent bathing as they often move around and crawl, so they pick up dust and dirt along the way. Whether you’re bathing your baby a few times a week or every day, you need to incorporate it into their routine. If your child is more active in the morning, you can give them baths in the morning to prepare them for the day, or if they sleep better after a warm bath, you can bath them at night.

2. Gather Bath Time Supplies

Before starting with bath time, make sure you have all the supplies gathered in one place from where you can easily access them. This will allow you to have more control during bath time as everything from the shampoo to the towel will be within arm’s reach.

A bathtub suitable for your baby’s size is important, the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub is a great option due to its easy setup mechanism and convenience, and for newborns, you can also benefit from the Stokke FlexiBath Newborn Support for keeping your baby in place and safe.

The Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath is also a highly reliable option. Its ergonomic design provides optimum support during bath time and even allows your little one to sit and play with bath toys.

For toddlers looking to have some fun during bath time, the Haba Bathtub Ball Track Set comes with different parts and enhances their creativity and problem-solving skills.

3. Have A Bathing Technique

While bath time is different for every child, you should include a few steps in their bath routine to ensure the experience is comfortable for them.

  • Check the water temperature – babies respond to temperatures differently than us, so ensure the water is not too hot by using a baby-bath thermometer which should display temperatures less than 90 degrees.
  • Use a sponge, washcloth, or small towel for bathing your baby. Start by dipping the cloth in warm soapy water and gently wash the baby’s body while being careful about creases under the arms, legs, and behind the knees to get rid of dirt from hidden places.
  • If your baby has hair, use a dollop of shampoo and lather it into their hair before washing it out with warm water by tilting your baby’s head back slightly to avoid eye contact.
  • After you’re done washing the body, get a clean washcloth and wash the baby’s face with water. Be sure to get into tough spots, such as behind the ears. Once you’ve washed the face, take the baby out of the bathwater and wrap them in a soft and dry towel.

If you’re looking for bath supplies that will make bathing your baby or toddler safe and fun, explore our wide range of bathtubs and accessories.

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