Best Booster Seat

Best Booster Seat for Kids

Children or toddlers need to be placed in a booster seat rather than the normal vehicle seats until the age of 10 or maximum 12 for better protection and comfort in the car. To know more about these booster seats, keep reading.

Booster seats are designed to raise the height of the child, so that the adult seat belt in the vehicle fits them properly. This is mainly done for protection and comfort of the kid. A child who is properly secured in an approved seat is less likely to be injured or killed in case of a car crash. Laws regarding the use of booster seats are absolutely strict. Drivers are responsible for ensuring passengers under 16 years of age are secured properly. It is compulsory for everyone transporting children, to make sure they are properly secured in a child car seat and seat belt. Therefore, choosing the safest child restraint is very essential. Find more about these kinds of car seats for infants and children, in this article on Buzzle.

Booster Seat Requirements

Booster seats are mandatory for children under the age of 8, weighing 40 - 80 lbs, and who stand less than 4 feet 9 inches. It is used in the car's lap to raise the child up so that the seat belt fits him correctly. A lap and shoulder combination belt with all booster seats is a must. The child's head should be supported by the top of the booster, and in case of a backless seat, it should be supported by the vehicle seat or headrest. The belt positioning of a booster seat is of utmost importance. The shoulder strap must lie across the child's shoulder, not the neck or face and middle of the chest. The lap belt must cross low over the hips, not over the stomach or abdomen. Make sure that the positioning of the seat belts are snug and tight.

Booster Seat Safety Tips

  • Use the most appropriate seat for the child's height and weight.
  • Read the manufacturer's instruction manual before installing the seat in your car, to know the right installation procedure.
  • If your car seats have a head rest, you can consider using a backless seat.
  • It is important to persuade kids to use a booster seat and talk about its benefits, which, besides just being a safety precaution, allows them to look out of the window or be more comfortable in the car with arm rests, etc,.
  • Do not decide the safety of the seat as regards to its price. Select the one that matches your child's size correctly and fits into your car properly.
  • Be a role model and always wear your seat belt, and the child will automatically imbibe the habit of wearing a seat belt himself, life long.

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