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Do I Really need a breastfeeding pillow

by Norbert Shtaynberg 25 Mar 2019

Person, Do I Really need a breastfeeding pillow

Being able to breast feed your baby will be the single most beautiful experience in your life as a mother. Comfort for you and the baby is an important consideration when you decide to breast feed. If either you or the baby are uncomfortable, the baby might not want to latch on or might not be able to latch on, which is when a feeding pillow comes in handy.

Another drawback of not having a feeding pillow is that over time, feeding will become a strenuous activity. It will leave you with backaches and migraines if either you or your baby is not positioned right. Nursing your baby should not leave you in pain or leave the baby hungry, nutrition of your baby should be the first and foremost priority.

Holding your newborn in one position for more than 30 minutes can become tiring without something to provide support. As a first time mother, your initial reaction would be that you see no point in spending more money buying things for the baby when you've already purchased enough but a booster pillow is definitely one purchase that you will be glad you invested in.

A feeding pillow is a booster pillow that assists in elevating the baby and putting you and your new born in a comfortable position. A good nursing pillow will usually be adjustable and the elevation level can be changed up 30 degrees, which is perfect for the baby.

Some may argue that breastfeeding is natural but when your baby moves as much as it will, it won't be a great experience for your body.

The booster pillow has two great benefits,

1. Providing your newborn with support

A nursing pillow is quite different from the usual bed pillow for your baby. Nursing booster pillows are specifically designed to provide your baby with comfort while it latches on or is fed with a bottle. Nursing pillows are firmer than other pillows. You can still snuggle your baby and feel close to your newborn while you are feeding.

2. Providing you with support

Your back, arms and neck are going to feel massive strain while feeding the baby, a nursing pillow will help you by providing support and helping you sit comfortably while you feed the baby. Babies grow quickly and as they do, it will become even harder for you to hold the baby's weight. Having your baby at the perfect height will mean your spine will be safe from injury.

As a new mother you will learn that breastfeeding will only get better over time and help you build a strong bond with your baby, the nursing pillow will enhance this experience by putting you and the baby in a far more comfortable position.

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