Do You Really Need A Baby Carrier

Do You Really Need A Baby Carrier

For me, baby carriers are right up there on the list of must haves with swaddles and diapers. I don't know how I would have managed two little ones without my numerous carriers. In fact, my daughter is almost 2 and is still often times found on my back in my Lillebaby carrier or on my hip in my ring sling.

You may be asking yourself, do I really NEED a carrier? You can certainly get by without one. But I can tell you first hand that baby carriers are useful and beneficial to both you and your adorable baby, and you'll really be grateful to have one!

Babies like to be held. like, all the time. And if your babies (or babies to be) are anything like mine, then they will only want to be held when you are trying to get something accomplished. I cant count the number of meals I have prepared, meals I have eaten, dishes I have washed, loads of laundry I have done, hours spent playing or reading with my older child, all with a sleeping baby in the carrier. With a carrier, you can get your grocery shopping done without your infant car seat taking up the whole shopping cart! There are even carriers like the Lillebaby Carryon Air Toddler carrier that are for toddlers over 12 months and up to 60 pounds. So when your 3 year old is constantly trying to run away from you or melting down in the store, you can put him in your toddler carrier and carry on (see what I did there?). Your carrier becomes your second set of hands. You don't have to choose between being productive and holding your baby. You can do both with a carrier!

Whether you are bottle feeding or nursing, your carrier is a great tool for feeding your baby on the go. Some soft structured carriers such as theErgobaby or Lillebaby carriers have hoods attached to them which make a great cover for nursing discreetly while carrying. Wraps, like the Moby Wrap, and ring slings, like the Beco Ring Sling, are also great for cradle carries for both bottle feeding and nursing.

And most importantly, its good for both you and baby. There is no better feeling than being all snuggled up with your baby, and that physical contact between you and your little one is so important. It strengthens the bond between you. It helps with the developmental and emotional growth of your baby.

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