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Do You Really Need A Baby Carrier

by ANB Baby 10 Jun 2021

Person - Do You Really Need A Baby Carrier

You’ve probably seen them everywhere when shopping for your baby. Bright, colorful, cute and in short comfy looking baby carriers. You may have been asking yourself, do I really need a baby carrier? Is it worth the money and can I do without one?

Well the answer to the last question is ‘yes’. You could technically get by without a baby carrier. However, parents have been wearing their babies for centuries not only because it is convenient, but also because there are so many great benefits to wearing your baby which you would probably not want to miss out on.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing your baby in a carrier.

You can use them right away

One of the main benefits of baby carriers is that you can use them right from day one. Some parents fear that holding their baby too much might spoil them, however, this is far from the truth. Especially at the early stages of your baby’s life, close contact with mom or dad is extremely important. It allows your baby to feel secure and safe in their new environment and it also increases the bond between you and your baby.

It’s good to note that there are different types of baby carriers. When choosing a baby carrier, make sure that you can use your baby carrier from 0 months.

It increases the bond between parent and baby

Baby wearing is both beneficial for parent and baby as it allows you to create a healthy bond. Baby’s like to be held and constantly crave closeness and sometimes they might insist on being held at inconvenient times. Wearing your baby in a carrier allows you to keep your baby close while you freely move around - whether you’re going for a walk or getting things done around the house.

It reduces crying

Babies cry - That’s just what they do because it’s their way of communicating that they need to be tended to. However, usually, babies also tend to cry simply because they feel unsettled. Wearing your baby in a carrier is a great way to help your baby settle and even put them right to sleep.

It’s good for baby’s development

Baby wearing is good not only for your baby’s emotional development but also for their physical development. Wearing your baby helps to prevent flat head syndrome as your baby won’t be laying flat on their back all the time. Some studies even suggest that wearing your baby is beneficial for their language or social development too! Babies in a carrier also learn to use muscle groups to balance themselves. In short, wearing your baby is good for their overall health and well-being.


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Do You Really Need A Baby Carrier

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