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Features to Look For When Buying a Baby Car Seat

by Norbert Shtaynberg 30 Mar 2019

Car Seat, Features to Look For When Buying a Baby Car SeatBrand and Model Recognition - the Baby Trend product range is consistently praised by independent research and rating agencies for their high standards. Consumer Reports have rated many of the Baby Trend Car Seats with a number one rating position. To achieve such recognition, particularly in the face of such stiff competition these days, is a testament in itself to the research and development standards that Baby Trend set themselves for their car seat products and the testing that they undergo before making it to the shelves of baby stores.

Value for Money - compared to the main car seat manufacturers in the market today and the abundance of continuously innovative features that they bring out for their car seats, Baby Trend car seats seem to continuously keep up with their competition or indeed precede them with innovative solutions. The philosophy that Baby Trend maintains with their car seat products, or indeed with any of their baby and child product lines, is a focus on delivering tremendous value for money to parents around the world. Baby Trend, after all have been in the baby car seat business for a considerable amount of time and they are well aware of the practical needs of their customers in terms of product features and what they are realistically willing to pay for a baby or child item. Baby Trend refreshingly don't adorn their new car seats with new but useless features and pass the cost onto their customers in the form of higher prices, but instead focus on providing an incredible base car seat with useful additions and in doing so parents are able to pay a lower price point for a fully usable product.

Safety Harness Systems - Baby Trend Car Seats have maintained a strong focus primarily on one thing from the beginning, namely an undeterred focus on safety first. After all, the entire point of a baby or child car seat, at the end of the day, is to keep you little one safe and secure in the event of an accident. Baby Trend car seats by a large use a five point harness restraint system, which is widely regarded as the safest baby/child restraint system available today. A five point safety belt system not only provides a more evenly distributed impact pressure ability for your child, but greater roll support and stability. In the event of an accident, undue force is not driven to your infant's abdominal area, which contains their main internal organs or allows their upper body whiplash uncontrollably. The evolution of the five point harness restraint system also allows for quick and easy placement and removal of your child on an everyday basis and is by and large, fitted with an easy lock and release click fastening.

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