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Fun in The Sun: 4 Outdoor Activities for Babies & Toddlers

by ANB Baby 26 Aug 2021
Fun in The Sun

Fresh air can do wonders for your baby's development and growth, and it is a great way to acquaint them with nature. Therefore, parents should plan activities that can be enjoyable for their toddlers so they can create meaningful experiences with the outside world. If you're pressed for ideas about which activities you can engage in with your child, we have some fun options you can consider.

Bicycling Adventure

Get your adrenaline pumping with an activity that is as fun for your toddler as it is for you. Regardless of whether you're an avid biker or not, bicycling can be an exhilarating experience for your child but remember to maintain a slower pace, so your baby is not overwhelmed or uncomfortable by the cycle's speed. Installing a bike trailer can be a safe solution for parents wishing to show their toddlers some beautiful scenery on a bike adventure in extreme comfort.

Tummy Time

Babies can get bored playing with the same toys in the same surroundings, so it might be fun to mix things up once in a while and move playtime outdoors. They might be too young to be in a playground, but that doesn't mean they can't have their own safe space to enjoy tummy time in the fresh air. A playard is a great option to explore as it can be easily set up, and it has enough space to hold all your baby's favorite toys so they can get some exercise in their routine while being protected from all sides.

Exploring Nature

If you're looking for a mini adventure your baby can undertake in outside areas to get in touch with nature and its elements, a trike can be a great solution. Trikes provide your child with a fun option to discover, making it easier to supervise while your child interacts with the outside environment. This makes it easy for your baby to ride through the area and explore any items that spark their interest.


Picnics provide an excellent opportunity for toddlers to enjoy snack time on a blanket spread under the shade of a tree or in a pop-up tent. The outdoor environment can allow babies to get acquainted with new snack items and learn how to feed themselves. Another added bonus is that picnics result in minimum clean-up time so babies can make as much of a mess as they want without you worrying about any stains on your furniture or carpets. It can also be helpful if you bring a hat or misting fan in case the sun it's too harsh so you can get the most out of your picnic.

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