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Best Toys For Baby & Toddler Cognitive Development

by ANB Baby Sales 28 Oct 2021

Person - Best Toys For Baby & Toddler Cognitive Development

It is important to focus on your baby's cognitive and mental development while also meeting their physical needs, including food and exercise. The great thing about this is there are toys available for babies of different ages to help them develop motor skills while also focusing on their social and emotional development. If you're looking for toys that encourage your baby's development, we have a list of the best baby toys for cognitive development.

Baby Rattles

Rattles help babies develop perceptual development. It is a great way for babies to get familiar with the rattle's sounds, colors, and textures that will eventually lead to your baby grabbing the rattle and shaking it to produce some entertaining noises. The Gund Flappy Elephant Rattle is a great toy as it incorporates a soft toy with a hard-shelled rattle filled with colorful beads that makes it an extremely cuddly rattle that your baby can enjoy playing and learning with.

Activity Mat

A baby play mat or activity mat comes with different toys that babies can play with while lying on their back or on their tummies. The accompanying toys come in different colored materials and produce different sounds while also providing different textured surfaces that can help your baby or toddler learn about playing and exploring their surroundings which encourages curiosity and makes it exciting for them to try out new things.

The Skip Hop Baby Play Gym comes with a Galaxy of fun. It has more than 17 developmental activities that provide visual and audio stimulation that can be accessed when the baby is lying on their back, tummy, or even when in a seated position.

Baby Crib Mobiles

Baby mobiles might seem like decoration pieces for your baby's crib or stroller, but they play an important role in an infant's early cognitive development. The movement of the crib or stroller mobile allows your little one to follow the movement and learn how to control their head and eye movement by using different muscles. Baby mobiles are also important for babies to develop depth perception and understand distance when they try to reach out and grab the toy.  The Tiny Princess Tales Soothe 'n Groove Mobile comes with different musical options, and it has a unique patented movement that encourages your child to interact with the mobile. It also has settings that allow it to be activated by toddlers allowing them to learn about cause and effect by changing the music.

Musical Instruments

When babies reach the toddler stage and are building upon their coordination skills, it can be good to introduce some basic musical instruments in their play time routine to learn about cause and effect. The Schylling Wooden Xylophone features a colorful eight key scale and comes with two wooden mallets that your toddler      can use to play different tunes and perfect their musical coordination skills.

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