How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller

How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller

Just like the defining question, "are you a Mac or a PC?" moms are now defined by the answer to this question, "are you a Jogger or a Stroller"? Joggers and Strollers both have their pros and cons, but choosing between the two really comes down to your personality, life style, and how you intend to use your Stroller or Jogger.

The Jogger: Are you a Jogger? The typical Jogger mom will use her Jogger for exercise. She enjoys the convenience of being able to take her Jogger anywhere, no matter how rough the terrain. She doesn't mind the large size of the Jogger and prefers the sporty look.

The number one purpose of the Jogger is implied in its name. This is a stroller that you can jog with, hence "The Jogger". Joggers have three rubber wheels (like a bicycle wheel), with a front wheel that locks in place so that you can safely jog while pushing it. Having a Jogger is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, you can get your baby out of the house and exercise at the same time.

Because Joggers have rubber instead of plastic wheels they can manage rough terrain (gravel, grass, dirt, hills, uneven ground) better. Most Joggers have a front wheel that can be unlocked so that you can benefit from the easy turning of a swivel wheel when not jogging.

Most Joggers have a sportier look than the typical Stroller.

Many joggers come with MP3 speakers or an Ipod hook up for you and your baby to listen to some tunes together.

Joggers tend to be bulkier than many Strollers because of their large wheels and length.

Many Joggers will have a tray with cup holders for the baby as well as cup holders on the handle for mom.

Most Joggers will have sufficient storage below, just like a stroller.

Many Joggers will fit with a car seat, but the Jogger must come with a tray or car seat attachment in order to do this. Some Joggers will accept car seats from other brands. You can usually find information on what car seats the Jogger will accept on it's product information. If you can't find this info, just check if the Jogger has a strap that comes up from underneath and clips over the top of the car seat. These straps are put in place so that you can lock any car seat safely onto the Jogger.

The Stroller: Are you a Stroller? The typical Stroller mom will use her stroller to run her daily errands and she enjoys the room to store her diaper bag, purse and shopping bags on board. She won't be taking her baby on jogs anytime soon, but she does enjoy the ease and convenience of taking her baby everywhere else.

A Stroller offers most the benefits of a Jogger without one key element; You can not jog with it. Most strollers have four plastic swivel wheels, although there is the "3 Wheel Stroller" that offers the look of a Jogger, with a front wheel that swivels and locks in place. The only difference between a 3 Wheel Stroller and a Jogger is that the former still has plastic wheels and will snap under fast speeds.

Strollers for the most part are a little less bulky than Joggers because they have small wheels and fold up tighter. Most Strollers can be folded up and popped out with one hand, where as many Joggers require two hands to fold and release.

Strollers tend to have more of a "baby" look with patterns ranging from Jungle animals to gender specific, to gender neutral plaids and stripes.

Many strollers come with MP3 speakers or an Ipod hook up for you and your baby to listen to some tunes together

Strollers won't do as well (typically) on rough terrain because of their small plastic wheels.

Strollers will often come in travel systems (with a car seat attached) or will accept a car seat of their own brand. The Stroller product info will tell you if it will accept car seats of another brand or not.

Strollers usually have trays, cup holders and plenty of storage below for purses and diaper bags.

Remember when buying your Stroller or Jogger, there are many options to pick from within the two categories, so spend your time, read reviews and enjoy the process.

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