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How To Choose The Right Car Seat For Your Child

by ANB Baby Sales 14 Dec 2021

Person - How To Choose The Right Car Seat For Your Child

A car seat is one of the most important child and baby gear you’ll have to buy for your little one as a parent. A child car seat enables you to travel with your little one knowing that they are safe and secure on every single trip. It’s a gear your child will be using on their very first ride home from the hospital, all the way up until they are about 8 years old.

If you’re on the hunt for the right car seat, but not sure where to start - we will guide you through the key things you need to look out for when choosing a car seat for your child.

Car Seat Safety

All car seats need to meet strict federal regulations for safety. This means that the car seat you decide to buy will need to have passed the appropriate crash tests so that you can trust that it will keep your child safe. To keep your baby safe in their car seat, make sure you’ll be able to adjust the shoulder straps and secure your little one with a five-point harness buckle.

Car Seat Fit & Installation

When it comes to choosing the right car seat, your child’s weight or height is an important factor. The car seat needs to be the right fit and suitable for your little one. Your child must be able to sit comfortably in their car seat and properly buckled until they are 8 years old and weigh more than 80 lbs.

Choosing the Right Type of Car Seat

It’s important to know that there are two types of car seats you can choose from:

Infant Car Seats

An infant car seat is the perfect car seat if you’re looking for one that’s suitable for newborns. It can be used from birth until your baby reaches the seat’s maximum height and weight limits which is usually around 22 to 35 pounds. Infant car seats are portable and easy to carry. Infant car seats are also multi-purpose as with the right car seat adapters you can attach them to your stroller for an all-one-one travel system solution.

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats are designed to grow with your child and can usually be used from birth depending on the type and model of the car seat. Convertible car seats are perfect for parents that are looking for a car seat that will last them throughout the years. Unlike infant car seats, convertible car seats need to be fixed to your car and are therefore not portable.

The main difference between these two car seats is that infant car seats are rear-facing only. Convertible car seats can convert to forward-facing when your child reaches the appropriate weight and height - which is usually around the age of 2. Children older than 8 years can be transitioned to a booster seat.

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