How to Give Your Newborn a Bath

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Person, How to Give Your Newborn a Bath

When a baby is born for the first few weeks baby sleeps.It lies down for most of the time on sheets in the pram or a moses basket. The cotton fibers come off get stuck in the hair and in arm pits from wearing vest and clothes etc. It is important to bath a baby because otherwise the cotton strands etc would cause irritation to a newborn baby's delicate skin and eventually if not washed away will turn red and become very sore.The fact about bathing a baby is not just to keep baby clean but its a quality time you and your partner can bond with baby.

It helps baby relax and settle off to sleep although until a baby realizes umm this is really good they may scream until they get used to it. Then they will cry again just because you took them out of the bath. Baby's are so funny. Many dads come up with all sorts of excuses why they can't bath baby. "My hands are too cold". Or "my hands are full of oil" or "I just have to nip to the pub to meet my friends".

Really, they just lack either confidence in holding a slippery newborn, or are scared they will drop the baby. Here are the simple rules to follow when bathing baby for any new mum or dad. PS. Dads don't tell the wife or your partner, read this information and put it into practice. You won't need to go to parenting school for bathing babies or asking a midwife how it's done.

It's all here to how to do it the easy way plus it's free and very simple to follow. You CAN do it, you will feel over the moon and overjoyed in pleasing the other half.

  • A good time to bath baby is in the evening before baby is due for an evening feed. The last thing you need is to give baby a feed then bath the baby ending up with baby sick every where and baby going hungry.
  • Prepare a warm, draught free room in which you will bath baby.
  • Get together everything baby needs in clothes i.e. a baby bathed in the evening may wear a sleep suit, a vest, a cotton hat, a cardigan, socks, and a nappy.
  • Prepare the baby box with every thing you need to wash baby. This method uses baby soap and shampoo. Cotton wool balls and baby sponge and a warm hooded bath towel. You may need a small bowl of warm water to use on baby's face.
  • You may also need a changing mat if you do not want to change baby on your knee. A laundry bucket for babies washing and a couple of nappy sacs for rubbish and soiled nappy.
  • Prepare the baby bath using a stand if needed and by adding cold water first and use a jug to add the hot water being careful around toddlers... test with a baby bath thermometer or with your elbow so it is warm enough but not too hot to bath your baby in.Using your elbow is the most sensitive part to react to cold or hot water temperatures.its a good way to take the top of the shampoo at this stage so you don't get fumbled.
  • Do not let the water go too cold whilst you are getting baby ready.
  • Undress baby down to the nappy, wrap securely with a towel so baby does not get cold. And starting with the face use cotton wool and water with nothing added (No bubble baths or soap) or from the bowl or bath water. Wiping from the inside out clean each side of the face with one cotton wool ball. Eye infections can occur if you wipe from the outside inwards. Throw away in nappy sac and dry with a clean one in the same way inside to outside of baby's face.
  • Holding baby wrapped in towel under one arm and holding baby close to your side hip. Leaning over the bath gently wet hair and apply a small amount of shampoo, rub over hair very gently with your other hand. Keep supporting baby with your other hand, arm and hip. Wash baby's head by pouring water over the head very carefully as to not get it into baby's eyes. You can use your hand you do not need a jug for this stage.
  • Rinse off very well, (as cradle cap can form in the form of crust like scabs on baby's head due to a build up of excess shampoo).
  • Move towel up or put the hood over to dry baby's hair by gently patting/rubbing dry.
  • Remove baby's nappy and clean nappy area with baby's usual wipes or cotton wool balls and water.
  • Place baby in bath and holding baby as if you were putting your arm around him/her and supporting the legs as well with one hand the other hand is free to wash baby using your other hand wash over with soap and rinse off. Turn baby over and repeat for baby's back .Dry off your baby in towel being careful to dry in all the little ceases
  • Apply Nappy, Dress fully and cuddle baby before giving back to mum or dad ready for evening feed.
  • NOW FOR THE WORST PART Don't forget to help tidy away the bath, nappy and soiled clothes.
For parents using baby bath products when you are up to washing baby's hair, wet hair a little apply baby bath products instead of shampoo to the hair, rinse of with the bath water. Apply a little more to the baby bath then swirl around in water to make bubbles, wash baby in the baby bath there is no need to rinse baby off with clean water. Dry baby in the normal way.

Some mums may wish to apply a little baby oil on baby's skin after drying baby, but do not use on baby's face.

So enjoy bath time even if it is the hassle of tidying everything away afterwards seems too much trouble,especially when you are tired babies really are worth it.

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