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Kinds of Toys Making Your Baby Smarter

by Norbert Shtaynberg 25 Mar 2019

Human, Kinds of Toys Making Your Baby Smarter

Playing with toys is one of the most important childhood activities, as far as the child's exercise is concerned at this time, he will acquire a healthy physical and mental development. Parents need to learn their baby's developmental stages and which toys are appropriate to each stage. The following are tips for choosing toys for baby.

Under 2 months
Some parents think toys are not needed at this stage and baby does not know how to play. Research shows that even newborns have very strong learning ability, and they understand the world in their unique way. Baby less than a month, eat and sleep enough, can also be positive to absorb information from surrounding environment. Appropriate toys at this stage include wave rattle toys like rattle-drum, hanging toys with music, music toys, helpful to develop visual ability and aural ability of the baby.

Between 3 months and 4 months
Baby toys at this stage should pay special attention to safety. First, non-toxic paint and materials should be applied to avoid danger of biting by baby. Second, ensure that the small beads and sewing decorations on toys not easy to fall off, and toys cannot smaller than the fist of baby. From 3 months beginning, baby can initially distinguish various colors and begin interested in colorful colors (especially the yellow and red). Providing baby toys with bright colors can develop baby's color differentiation ability. Appropriate toys at this stage include family photo album, baby bed arch bridge, grip toys, sound bracelet and wrist ring, suitable books adapt to baby characteristics.

Between 5 months and 6 months
At this stage, hand-eye coordination action occurs, and baby can accurately reach out to the toy, can do some simple but effective actions: sitting at the table, the baby hand scratches the desktop, reach toys on the table; baby loves tear paper, will shake and beat toys, keep in mind the different toys of different playing methods and features. Recommended toys at this stage are bath toys, building blocks, soft grip balls, vocal stuffed toys, embracing stuffed toys, tumbler and books suitable for baby characteristics.

Between months and 9 months
At this stage, baby begins to do actions consciously, like rattle a small bell, pick up something with one hand, and rotate a toy in hand. Baby starts to have division of five fingers. After six months old, the "barrier" between baby's two hands is gone. He can pass toy from one hand to the other hand, knocking two blocks in each hand. Numerous baby toys at this stage is too much and too complex. Research shows that too many toys will lead to a loose character, and baby' attention is not easy to concentrate. Appropriate toys at this stage are those that stimulate the child's hand-eye coordination and cognitive ability. Things like toy drums, building blocks, pull toys, small case to put toys, find-hidden toys, and cards.

Between 10 months and 12 months
At this stage, baby has stronger eye-hand coordination ability and more flexible fingers, likes to observe things interested a long time and play with musical

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