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Make Your Breast Feeding Experience Even More Better

by Norbert Shtaynberg 27 Mar 2019

Beverage, Make Your Breast Feeding Experience Even More Better

Feeding your baby is probably the best experience of your entire life as a woman. Comfort is the key when you think of going through this experience. For many mothers, breastfeeding, even though it is such a lovely experience can be difficult owing to the toll it takes on the mother's body. Feeding your baby when you yourself are uncomfortable can be difficult on you and the baby. Your baby's health should take the first priority and in order to be able to feed your baby comfortably, the first thing you should invest in should be a breast feeding pillow. Even if you choose not to breast feed your baby you can use the nursing pillow to feed your baby with a bottle.

Most first time mothers believe that they won't need this innovative product but over a few days, using a normal pillow or a nursing blanket will start putting pressure on your back. Holding the baby when your spine is in pain will make it very uncomfortable for you to feed him/her. Another issue you will have to tackle is that your baby will move a lot during feeding, the nursing pillow will stop your baby from rolling over and give you more control. As your baby grows, his/her weight will increase too, making it even more difficult for you to hold the baby when nursing. Using a pillow will take all that weight away from your hands, leaving you more comfortable to connect with the baby.

So what exactly is a breast feeding pillow?

A breast feeding pillow is a special pillow designed in consultation with lactation experts that enhances the experience of breast feeding by making it easy for your baby to latch on and for you to feed your baby without going through any pain. The breast feeding pillow elevates your baby at the right height, making feeding easy.

What else can I use the breast feeding pillow for?

Breast feeding pillows can be alternated between yummy time and tummy time. Your baby will love playing on the pillow and learn to turn over. Pediatricians recommend at least 30 minutes of tummy time everyday, breast feeding pillows provide great support for your baby to build upper body strength.

Alternatively, the pillow makes a great safe environment for your baby to lounge in and relax. The pillow can also be used for your baby to learn to sit in, it is important to strengthen your baby's trunk muscles; this pillow will help your baby develop those muscles.

As you must have learnt by now, the breast feeding pillow is designed specifically for your baby's safe development.

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