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Planning a Baby Shower

by Norbert Shtaynberg 26 Mar 2019

Face, Planning a Baby Shower

The first thing anyone should do when planning a baby shower is to have a theme for the favors. There should always be a theme to make the party look very elegant and not look like it was put together at the last second.

The best way on deciding a theme for a baby shower is to talk with the mom to be and find out how she is decorating the nursery. For example if the nursery is going to be angels and stars you can create the favors like little angels or the favors with stars on them.

Some of the best ideas for the shower decorations are the do it yourself kind. There are universal decorations available that no matter what the theme is for the shower you can use these decorations as baby shower decorations.

You can even use a baby bathtub at the shower and fill it with any beverage of choice then put a few small baby toys to float around in it. You can use the decorations on the ceiling and walls and hang baby booties and baby clothes on a clothesline as part of the baby shower decorations.

When planning the food for a shower try to make a general theme. Say the party theme is ladybugs then make ladybug cookies and cakes to add to the decorations. If the theme is, pacifiers then make small pacifiers from a jellybean and two wintergreen lifesavers. Glue the candies together with frosting and you have an edible favor.

Diaper cakes are wonderful additions to a baby shower. The cakes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to compliment any shower. Try diaper cakes in pastel colors if the mom to be will be having the baby in the spring. Try pastel red and green baby shower cakes if the shower is around Christmas. These cakes come in shapes such as diapers, pacifier's even cribs for larger cakes.

Open up your creativity to create the perfect party. Try experimenting with a few ideas of your own for the perfect theme. If you want to create the perfect baby shower talk with the mother to be to get an idea of her favorite things. Try to keep the budget as low as possible to create the perfect party without breaking the bank.

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