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Stroll in Style with the Right Kind of Baby Strollers

by Norbert Shtaynberg 01 Apr 2019

Stroller, Stroll in Style with the Right Kind of Baby Strollers

As you probably know, a stroller is one of the most essential and useful equipment you can invest in for your child. Unless you want to strain your arms carrying your baby most of the time, you will want a stroller, whether it's a stroll in the park, or you're doing some grocery shopping. For the most part, purchasing a baby stroller is not very complicated. You should not splurge on something luxurious, but you can't go too down in the quality of the stroller since you and your baby will be spending lots of time with this ride. Fortunately, there is a wide range of baby strollers from which you can select.

Umbrella stroller- Here is one of the more traditional types of baby strollers. We've all seen them. These basic fold up strollers have no extra storage space, are super light weight and portable, and keep baby snug with a small clothe pouch that they sit in. Though not ideal for children who cannot hold their head up, this is a great little baby stroller.

Lightweight stroller- Today's lightweight baby strollers have a number of more handy features and are much easier for travel as they are portable and versatile. High quality lightweight baby strollers are 20 pounds or less, features may include reclining seats, sun shades, and storage baskets. The sole downside to this compact ride is its sturdiness, which according to some does not meet their standards.

Standard stroller- A bit larger and bulkier than their lightweight counterparts, these baby strollers tend to come with a few more bells and whistles. With wider seats, larger wheels and more varied storage areas (ex. coffee or cell phone holders), these can be great for long day trips. The draw back for this particular kind of baby stroller is that it is much more difficult to lug about. Many are sold as travel systems, as well. This means they will be sold with an infant carrier and car seat, which does make life a little bit easier, and allows you to use the same car seat for longer.

Running stroller- This stroller, also called jogging stroller, allow mommies to resume their exercise regimen, which can be walking, running or jogging. It is the perfect ride for your baby while you and your spouse are cruising the neighborhood. It is also ideal for your little one to spend some quality time outdoors. Running stroller comes in three-wheel design, with a single large wheel in front and two smaller rear wheels. A handrail is attached on the back for easier pushing while running. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and often comes with sun canopies for protection of your child.

Buggy stroller - A seemingly old-fashioned baby stroller, but great for taking babies and young infants out in the open air. These raised, lay flat baby strollers are primarily designed for babies to allow them to lay flat as if they are in their own bed. They are also made at a higher height compared to regular strollers, making them easier for you to put down and take out the baby. Though they are usually expensive, an all-terrain buggy can be brought to the mountains for trekking or camping. A lot more models have come up with features such as on- and off-road capabilities, jogging stroller qualities, and double stroller rides.

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