• Bottle Feeding Is Baby Getting Too Much

    Recent studies have linked adult obesity with being over fed bottle milk in infancy. So, are you giving too much milk to your baby? If you're bottle feeding your baby it's easy to see how much baby is getting. Manufacturers provide instructions on how to make formula milk and how much milk a baby should consume. The guidelines state how much to feed a...
  • Choosing the Best Feeding Bottles

    A baby to our family is next to center of attraction. They are so sensitive and delicate that in their presence our world takes a change. For parents handling a baby is not a cake walk it involves lots of troubles, responsibility and compassion. You have to step into your baby's shoe to understand his/her needs to the time. Parents need to take care...
  • Simple Steps in Developing a Feeding Habit for Your Baby

    Simple Steps in Developing a Feeding Habit for Your Baby

    Breast feeding is the natural way for infants to eat. A woman's Breast milk contains large amounts of antioxidants and disease fighting cells called antibodies, these help to protect babies from germs and illness. Breast feeding is not only the healthy choice for babies but also the least likely to upset their digestive system. Baby formula cannot exactly match the chemical makeup of human...
  • Guidelines On Baby Feeding

    Guidelines On Baby Feeding

    We cannot deny with the fact that breast feeding is best for babies but after some time there comes a phase when you have to start bottle feeding for your baby. It is seen that many parents without thinking anything buy bottles according to the brand but apart from brand it is very important to check some of the features that make feeding more...
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