• Clek Liing vs. Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat Comparison

    Clek Liing vs. Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat Comparison

      Baby car seats are essential fixtures for your car designed to protect your child from injury in case of any road-related accidents. In the United States, car crashes are a leading cause of death among children, with one-third of cases occurring due to no or improper safety precautions. Babies are too small to be protected by car seat belts, so they need a...
  • Baby Car Seat and Its Proper Uses

    Baby Car Seat and Its Proper Uses

    Guess who is poised at a bigger hazard and threat to his or her life and injury in car crashes? If you said infant, you guessed right. The reason for this is because the ligaments in their body especially those that provide support on the neck are not that tough yet compared to an adult's. Furthermore, their neck bones are yielding and their heads...
  • Toddler Car Seat Different Types and Installation Tips

    Toddler Car Seat Different Types and Installation Tips

    Your doctor will stress that your child should always ride in a safety car seat, but what's best for my child. Well all situation are different and not every car seat will work for every child. So here are some tips and facts about the different types of car seats that might help you in buying the best car seat. Once your child is...
  • Advantages of Infant Car Seats

    Advantages of Infant Car Seats

    A baby should be correctly restrained in her car seat until she reaches the age of seven. Most countries have laws which make it mandatory for the child to ride in special baby car seats until they reach a specific height or weight. If you require further persuasion take a look at this statistics. In the year 2009 alone close to 1, 79,000 children...
  • Best Baby Car Seat to Buy

    Best Baby Car Seat to Buy

    Baby car seats can prevent serious injury to your child in the event of an accident. It is the law that all children under the age of twelve should be seated in the back seat. This is especially true if you have airbags in the front. From the time you bring your baby home from the hospital, s/he should be placed in an appropriate...
  • Safety Tips When Buying Baby Car Seats

    Safety Tips When Buying Baby Car Seats

    Keeping your child safe is obviously the most important thing, and this includes having the right baby car seats installed in your vehicle. The only problem is; most parents don't have any extensive knowledge in this area except to find the cheapest price. Well, the most inexpensive price from a quality product. After all, your first goal should be figuring out whether or not...
  • Baby Car Seat A Guide to Picking Out a New Baby Car Seat

    The first thing to remember is to choose your new car seat by weight of the child and not by age. Some manufacturers give a guide range of age but it is only a guide as each child is different. A car seat that is installed correctly can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by as much as 75%. Babies should be...
  • Baby Car Seats And Essential Accessories

    Your baby undoubtedly deserves nothing more than the most comfortable and safest car seats, but with the hundreds of choices that all seem to offer different features, how do you know which is best? Use this guide to help you decide. The features you should look for in a car seat should change as your baby grows. You typically start with a rear-facing seat...
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