• Baby Feeding Feeding Your Baby Healthy Food

    Knowing what to feed your baby in the early stages is a little easier because she will be on liquid diet of breast milk or formula (preferably breast milk when possible). But what happens when it's time to start introducing soft solid foods? Your pediatrician will help guide you on when to start introducing solids but generally the main diet for babies up to...
  • The Right Nurturing Of The Baby

    Newborns usually eat very often, at intervals of 3-4 hours, and sometimes even more frequently, 1-2 hours. Whether it is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the infant will spend much of their time feeding. Pediatricians introduce solid foods to children between 4 and 6 months, although the trend now is that earlier than six months the child not to be fed with anything else than...
  • Baby Feeding Newborn Infant Care Guidelines

    Baby Feeding Newborn Infant Care Guidelines
    A new parent or an experienced one always have questions regarding feeding their newborn baby. A typical newborn has active rooting and sucking reflexes and can begin feeding immediately. The feeding can be done immediately after birth or at least within four hours after birth. Choosing how to feed your baby during his first few days of life is very important. It can be...
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