• Keeping Your Baby Safe With a Bath Seat

    Keeping Your Baby Safe With a Bath Seat
    Bath time is a fun and enjoyable time for babies, children and their caregivers. However, parents and caregivers need to be very aware of the risks of drowning. This article provides tips for safely bathing a baby or young child. Before bathing a baby or young child the following safety checklist should be followed; Never leave the baby or child unattended in the bath...
  • How to Give Your Newborn a Bath

    When a baby is born for the first few weeks baby sleeps.It lies down for most of the time on sheets in the pram or a moses basket. The cotton fibers come off get stuck in the hair and in arm pits from wearing vest and clothes etc. It is important to bath a baby because otherwise the cotton strands etc would cause irritation...
  • Bathing your Baby Safely

    Safety rules are pretty strict concerning children play in pools, lakes, and oceans. Many parents are wise enough to keep a close watch over their precious offspring whenthey are in outside water areas. However, the number one reason for deaths in children between the ages of one and four is drowning. Not only in outside pools but inbathtubs as well. Following baby bath safety...
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