• How Breast Feeding Helps

    How Breast Feeding Helps
    Breast-feeding is a very important stage in the life of both a baby and the mother. It is not only about baby latching on the breast or feeding a baby, it is the moment of the initial bonding between a mother and her child.Maternal milk contains all the necessary and important substances to give the nutritional and psychological needs of the baby. It is...
  • Ways to Make Breast Feeding Easier

    Ways to Make Breast Feeding Easier
    Breast milk is one of the best foods for babies because it contains many nutrients that are balanced and is perfect for babies. Breast milk does not exist or are rarely provide health problem in infants, which is an excellent nutrition for babies. In general, breast feeding is given to the baby since the birth of the baby. But problems can occur during breast...
  • Benefits And Importance Of Breastfeeding

    If you've read any books on pregnancy and babies, you've seen the phrase, "Breast is best." Meaning that breast milk is the best food a baby can consume.If that's true, why has the commercial formula business become so profitable? Besides using clever and deceptive marketing ploys, I believe the main reason is that many mothers-to-be do not understand the wonderful advantages breastfeeding provides over...
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