• How Breast Feeding Helps

    How Breast Feeding Helps
    Breast-feeding is a very important stage in the life of both a baby and the mother. It is not only about baby latching on the breast or feeding a baby, it is the moment of the initial bonding between a mother and her child.Maternal milk contains all the necessary and important substances to give the nutritional and psychological needs of the baby. It is...
  • Benefits And Importance Of Breastfeeding

    If you've read any books on pregnancy and babies, you've seen the phrase, "Breast is best." Meaning that breast milk is the best food a baby can consume.If that's true, why has the commercial formula business become so profitable? Besides using clever and deceptive marketing ploys, I believe the main reason is that many mothers-to-be do not understand the wonderful advantages breastfeeding provides over...
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