• Choosing a Lightweight Stroller

    There are many choices when choosing a lightweight stroller.  As of recent their advancements are being pushed to accommodate more features and continued decrease in weight design.  There are now hundreds of strollers under 20 lbs but are they OK for you? Here are a few things to consider when making choices. 1. Weight - This is an extreme factor as many people want...
  • Baby Travel Stroller That Fits Your Lifestyle

    Baby Travel Stroller That Fits Your Lifestyle
    You probably know this there's a wide selection of baby strollers on the market to pick from. Your selection of baby strollers is going to be subject to the number of kids you intend to use it for, the way you are likely to utilize the stroller and also where, last but not least your financial budget. Everything aside your baby's level of comfort...
  • Travel Stroller for Baby and Toddler

    Many parents feel stressed if they have to travel with the baby because it is somewhat an uncomfortable and tiring task to carry a baby for long. You can never leave a small child alone; you have to carry him/her along with you at many occasions like visiting a doctor, a trip to market, strolling in park or visiting to a relative, the list...
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