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The Best Baby Gear and Information

by Norbert Shtaynberg 26 Mar 2019

Furniture, The Best Baby Gear and Information

You have learned that a new member is coming to your family, and you'll need to start getting stuff for him or her. Maybe not as much exciting as "a new baby," but still lots of fun to buy for the new member. Maybe as a new parent you don't see the fun part immediately; you're rather stressed and freaked out. However, you must enjoy these days; this is your first pregnancy, which will not happen again. A total new adventure is starting in your life...

Let me try to list the items that you will need when the little one arrives your home. I'm sure this list will have some missing items; however I believe this will be a pretty complete set.

Most probably many of you don't need the full list. However I still want to go through them quickly for the new moms / dads. I remember my first shopping experience for my first boy; we had really hard time with my husband, we didn't know many of those items, the differences etc. So, any of you is in our situation this is the list that you will find all you need for your little baby.

A. Furniture

Maybe it's a good idea to start to the list, with the 'things' where the baby will sleep; hopefully long hours... We can list the big items in couple of headings:

1. Bed

  • Bassinet
  • Co Sleeper
  • Crib
  • Pack and Play

2. Bedding

  • Bedding Sets
  • Mattress
  • Blankets
  • Crib mobile
  • Decorations

3. Rocking Chair

4. Changing Table

B. Feeding

If you have a change to breastfeed your baby, it is the best; both for you and for your baby (I think I'll write another article for 'Why breastfeeding is good for you and for the baby?' in the future, so I'm leaving this subject for now). You don't need to worry about bottles, warmers, cleaning the bottles etc.

Here's the main list for 'Feeding':

1. Breastfeeding

  • Nursing covers
  • Nursing pillow
  • Nursing Bra and clothing
  • Breast pump
  • Breastfeeding accessories

2. Bottle Feeding

  • Bottles
  • Bottle Accessories
  • Sterilizer
  • Warmers

3. Pacifiers

(Even though 'pacifiers' really doesn't fit into this heading, I still wanted to list it in here. Pacifiers are very important and life savers sometimes. With our first kid, we were a little hesitant to use pacifiers because of the addiction problem / possible teeth problems etc. After some research we have decided to use and it gave us a great relief sometimes... That's why we definitely suggest using them. Unfortunately, our second boy didn't want to use... Oh well, what to do? They have their own personalities, right?)

C. Diapers

Newborns may use 10 or more diapers a day; meaning the new parents spend long time on changing their baby, especially at the beginning... Don't worry; after couple of days / weeks, changing becomes easier. My boys loved to pee when we were changing them, I think this is the fact for many babies... So, the point is: the faster you become the less of a chance that you will end up with pee everywhere. I'm sure there are many videos on YouTube on changing the babies, so I will not go into the details...

One thing that I can tell you about this is this: if you need to change your baby regularly this is a good thing. It shows that, everything is working fine in your little baby's body. Since they cannot talk and tell us what they need or how they feel, we must use whatever they can 'produce' to understand their needs...

Here are the main items that you will need to consider buying before the little one coming home. Usually hospitals give some of them as gifts on the discharge day, but still being ready is better.

1. Diapers

  • Diaper Types
  • Diaper storage
  • Diaper Pails (Diaper disposable system)
  • Diaper Organizer

2. Wipes

3. Creams

4. Changing Pads

5. Diaper Bags

6. Other

Swim Diapers

Organic Diapering Products

D. Bathing

Most probably you will not wash your little one right away after coming home from hospital, but as I always say 'being prepared is good'. So, let's see what do we need for newborn bath:

1. Bath Tubs

2. Bath Toys

3. Towels

4. Baby Skin Care

As you have noticed, this list is much shorter than the others. At the end of the day, what do we need to bathe our babies? Most of the cases, just water is enough to clean their sensitive skin, especially at the beginning (and we need a towel, too; right?)... The others are just extra material which makes our life a little easier and maybe makes our baby more comfortable.

E. Baby Gears

This is the list that you will need mostly when your little one becomes couple of months old: the products that will help you to get out with your baby, and the products that your baby will use in your home.

1. Carriers

2. Swings

3. Bouncers/Rockers

4. Play yards

5. Baby gym and play mats

6. Baby seats

7. Activity centers

8. Travel beds

F. Health and Safety Products

This group of products is also for the couple of months old babies. We need them especially when our little ones start to move around / crawl / walk... We must take precaution steps for making sure that our homes are safe for the babies,. The list below won't cover every home's needs of course, but these are some of the basic stuff that you will need to consider to buy when the time comes.

1. Monitors

2. Gates and doorways

3. Locks, straps, plugs, etc.

4. Humidifier

G. Travel

The simple list is almost over, we only have a couple more item groups: TRAVEL / CLOTHING / TOYS... Actually only 2, there's not much to list on 'toys' section (actually there are many items to list as you may guess; however we don't need to list them specifically in a 'baby needs list')

Let me try to cover all the items that you will need for travelling with your little one:

1. Car Seat

  • Infant car seat
  • Convertible car seat
  • 2. Stroller
  • Frame stroller
  • Full size stroller
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Jogging Stroller
  • Double stroller

3. Accessories

  • Stroller organizer
  • Bundle me
  • Car seat and stroller travel bag

H. Clothing

For a newborn baby you don't need so much clothes, mainly many bodysuit will work for you. Here is the list for important clothing for your newborn;

1. Bodysuit

2. Gowns

3. Booties

4. Mittens and Caps

5. Socks

Don't worry; you are not alone... We had similar questions in our minds when we were expecting our first kid. We spend hours and hours in front of computer (and still we are), we have read many books (and still reading), we have talked to our friends (and still talking)... The thing that I'm trying to say is; this is a process which never ends... So, be ready... I hope I've helped you a little bit with this list.

Article Source: this factual content has not been modified from the source. This content is syndicated news that can be used for your research, and we hope that it can help your productivity. This content is strictly for educational purposes and is not made for any kind of commercial purposes of this blog.

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