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Things to consider before buying Learning Toys

by Norbert Shtaynberg 31 Mar 2019

Toy, Things to consider before buying Learning Toys

Back to Basics Toys focuses on a large variety of toys that encourage education and creative growth in your child. Likewise, the experts at The Land of Nod feature a line of whimsical toys that promote educational growth through interaction and play. Keep in mind that children will learn through play and are encouraged to play more when it is an item that catches their interest. Make sure to choose a toy that inspires awe and catches your child's unique and individual interests so that they'll want to continue using the toy. Here are ten toys to consider to encourage learning in your child.

1. Ballerina Mat & How To Tools- Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina. This toy sets up like a play mat with a traditional ballerina bar. The mat shows your child where to place her feet to learn basic positions. This toy encourages creative play and muscle building. It can also help build discipline. Available at Back to Basic Toys

2. Touch and Feel Cards- Your child can begin to associate colors, animals, textures, and memory recall with these fun toys. Available at Land of Nod.

3. Talking Cash Register- Besides encourage imaginative make believe, this toy teaches your child to count money and recognize different denominations of currency. Your child will be having so much fun they won't even realize they're doing basic math skills in learning to make change. Available at Back to Basics Toys.

4. Bilingual Laptop- Not your traditional PC! This educational toy uses games and the desire to have a computer like mommy or daddy does to teach a second language. This skill is a strong forte in preparing your child to succeed in life. Studies have proven a second language is easier to learn at a younger age. Available at Back to Basics Toys.

5. Fractions Puzzle- Using basic shapes and basic fractions (half, thirds, and quarters) this puzzle teaches your child to use basic fractions while playing. Bright colors make the toy inviting. Also available in slim to wide, short to tall, and color wheel options. Available at The Land of Nod.

6. Opposites or Rhyming Puzzle Games- These card games use puzzle like pieces to teach concepts of rhyming or opposites. The toy teaches linguistic and verbal skills. Available at The Land of Nod.

7. Fisher Price Teaching Clock- Learning to tell time is fun with this clock! It talks to your child to help them learn the basics of time keeping. Available at Back to Basics Toys.

8. Sights and Sounds Water Table- Using moving water and the ability to splash, children will learn about gravity and the principles of fluid motion with this toy available at Back to Basic Toys.

9. Shopping Cart With Groceries- Learning about foods is easy with this set. You can teach your child about making the right nutritional choices at the same time. This toy available at Back to Basics Toys.

10. Animal Flash Cards- Use this toy to teach your child about all sorts of animals from domestic and common to rare and endangered. Available at The Land of Nod.

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