Tips on Baby Car Seat Shopping

Tips on Baby Car Seat Shopping

Anyone who has children can tell you how quickly their baby outgrew their infant car seat. It is certainly faster than was expected, and it is now time to replace it with a larger version.

Rear Or Forward Facing

Most infant seats will carry your child till they are about 22 pounds. You will find out in your search for a new baby car seat that your baby will still need to be rear facing in the vehicle for a while longer. Your most viable option will be a convertible seat. A convertible car seat can be rear facing or forward facing. They should be able to carry your baby into their toddler years.

Check Strap Heights

You will find that the baby seat displays in the store are there for a reason. Depending on the height of your baby they may or may not actually fit into the rear facing straps for the baby seat. It is a great idea to take your baby car seat shopping with you. It will save you the time of having to take the seat back if you find your baby only has one more notch to go on the seat before they outgrow it. If you can't take your baby with you then measure them so you can compare that measurement to the car seat.

Style And Color

There are various types of fabrics, styles, and colors to choose from when it comes to purchasing your baby car seat. You will see deluxe models with extra cushioning. There are also car seats that have been safety tested for side impact. From different shaped buckles, to cup and snack holders, your style options are wide. You can pick pink or blue of course depending on if you have a boy or a girl. You also have many other options in color that can match your vehicle if that is your wish.

You will not have to look very far when it comes time to purchase your new baby car seat. There are many wonderful sites on the internet where they can be purchased. There are also various local stores that will sell baby car seats, such as your local supercenter.

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