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Tips to Clean a Baby Stroller

by Norbert Shtaynberg 07 Apr 2019

As your stroller gets dirty, probably by food, milk, saliva, or other substances, it is essential to clean your baby stroller regularly. This is necessary for the sake of your baby's health. A nasty stroller is a perfect place to grow for bacteria that is harmful, either to your baby or to anyone. Beside, a regular cleaning and maintenance will prevent a significant decrease in the stroller's physical condition and value.

In order to clean the stroller, first empty it from any toy and other object before taking your stroller outside your house. Remove all the cushions and fabrics those are removable to be washed later on. By doing this outside your house, your house will not get dirty by any dirt in the stroller, so that you don't have to waste your energy and time to clean your house after-wards.

Check all of them for any mold or mildew prior to washing and cleaning. If you find some mold or mildew in the stroller, apply some vinegar on the affected area and sprinkle on top of it, a small amount of baking soda, and wait for about one hour. After-wards you can start the washing and cleaning process.

To save some time, you can start washing all the cushions and fabrics part of the stroller in a washing machine if it is possible, and while you are waiting for the wash machine, you can start cleaning the stroller.

Prepare a vacuum cleaner, a pair of towel, some water, some soap/detergent, a sponge, a brush and a toothbrush. Remember to not use any bleach or bleach-based product as they could fade the stroller's fabric color. Clean the stroller using vacuum cleaner. Make sure to vacuum all of its components and compartments, up to the seams. Next, clean the wheels from any dirt, leave, or hair stuck. You can use a metal pin to remove hairs stuck on the axis of the wheels.

Scrub all the parts made of plastic or metal, especially the compartment that has been used for food, by a sponge that is already soaked in a mild solution of soap/detergent. Don't use a brush to scrub them as it could scratch the surface. Scrub big stains on the stroll's fabric using the brush and the detergent solution, and scrub the small and easily cleaned stains, included the one near the seams, using the toothbrush.

When everything is done, you can rinse with some clean warm water to wash off the remaining soap/detergent. With the washed cushions and fabrics, dry it in a cool breeze, not directly under the sun.

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