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Top 10 Best Baby Halloween Costumes Ideas

by ANB Baby Sales 26 Oct 2021

Newborn - Top 10 Best Baby Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween is the time to unleash your creativity and get a little fancy with unique costumes. While your baby might not be old enough to go trick or treating, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take some adorable pictures of their first few holidays in costume to cherish as memories for years to come. Your mission for finding the perfect Halloween costume for your baby might be difficult as there aren’t nearly as many costume options available for babies as adults; however, we have a fun list of options that you can use to get the best baby Halloween costume for your adorable little tot.

1. Superhero Costume

If your baby is learning how to crawl and you want a simple costume, you can always add a superman cape to their onesie to make it look like they’re flying on your floor and on their way to save the world.

2. Animal Costume

With this costume, our child can be transformed into an adorable predator such as a leopard or a grass-munching animal such as a zebra with an animal print onesie in a range of patterns such as stripes, spots, and patches. Take the look one step further with a pair of animal ears to make your baby seem like they’re a part of the animal kingdom.

3. Fairy Costume

Add a bit of whimsy and magic by making your baby wear an adorable and puffy dress with a pair of glittery wings and a wand to complete their transition from mortal to a magical fairy.

4. Policeman Costume

A highly popular costume, you can easily find policemen onesies for your baby or simply sew on a police badge on your child’s shirt to make this easy DIY costume. This can also become one half of a cops and robbers costume, allowing you to get in on the fun with your baby.

5. Astronaut Costume

Another simple and cute costume for your baby, as all you’ll need is a white or silver jumpsuit with a NASA logo to achieve this simple look to take some out-of-this-world photographs.

6. Fruit Costume

Fruits are nature’s bounty, and they make for excellent Halloween costumes as they come in a range of shapes and colors. Whether you choose to go with a conventional pumpkin costume or an avocado one, your baby will be the sweetest treat in the room with this adorable look.

7. Ghost Costume

You can’t go wrong with this classic costume, but instead of cutting two peepholes in a bedsheet, you can stick or draw on a pair of eyes on a white dress or onesie to produce a spooky outfit

8. Storybook Character Costume

If you or your baby is a fan of Disney or loves reading storybooks, you can always opt for a more personal costume by making your child dress up as a character from their favorite storybook. Whether they love the red cape from red riding hood or Cinderella, you can add some basic accessories to achieve a believable look.

9. Classic Movie Character Costume

You don’t always have to think too hard about costumes; the answer might be your child’s favorite animated character. Whether you dress them up as Mickey Mouse or Alice from Alice in Wonderland, your child will be able to make the character come to life.

10. Mom And Baby Halloween Costumes

If you’re a big Halloween fan and want to do a group costume with your baby, go for it. You can either choose matching costumes such as a lioness with her cub or opt for something complementary such as becoming salt and pepper shakers to spice up your costumes.

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