Toys Plays Significant Role in an Infant's Development

Human, Toys Plays Significant Role in an Infant's Development

Just like children of other ages, baby's need toys too. They just need a different type of toy. Baby toys can add excitement and stimulate your baby. But what is it you want in baby toys?

Well one of the first thing you want out of your baby toys is safety. Recent problems with toys made in China containing lead paint have once again brought to our attention the importance of knowing what you buy.

The baby toys you choose for your baby should fit your baby's personality and the type of stimulation they enjoy. Each baby develops at a different level, likes to do different things, and each also has their own frustration points. You know your baby better than anyone else, so don't worry you will make the right choices with just a little help.

There is no question that there are definitely some excellent baby toys on the market. Since you can't afford them all let's start analyzing your baby so that the toy's you buy he will love.

What are baby's favorite toys when he's in his crib, car seat, or stroller. Does your baby have a toy he likes to clutch, perhaps one he favors, or one that jingles and gets his attention.

Even at this young age, chances are your baby has a favorite tool. Of all his baby toys, which is the one that comforts him when he's cranky, tired, or even when he's in pain like when he is cutting a new tooth?

Think about it for a minute, out of all those baby toys, which is the one that relaxes him, and makes him stop crying or fretting. Which toy puts a smile on his face? Consider if his favorite toys share characteristics such as material, color, or sound?

Once you have identified what makes your baby happy when it comes to his baby toys you are going to make smarter purchases. It's a win-win - your baby is happy and your happy because you spent less.

Studies have shown that up until your baby is six months of age they respond to contrasting, bold colors, captivating your baby's attention. These kinds of baby toys encourage physical activity in kicking, waving, and wiggling. They also stimulate visual development.

When we are talking about baby toys we tend to focus on what's available in the store, without realizing there are a few things hanging around the house that would amuse a baby for hours. For example, what about those wind chimes? Hang them over your baby's crib and they'll be amused for hours. Of course you can buy baby wind chimes too. Wind chimes make a soft tinkling sound that is pleasing to your baby's ears and they will drift off to sleep.

Even younger baby's can learn which is why educational baby toys are a smart buy. Bath baby toys are also a must have, they are both educational and fun for baby. Remember your rubber ducky? Well it's still going strong.

There are many terrific baby toys on the market and in all different price ranges, so know your baby's likes and dislikes, know your budget, and you'll be buying baby toys you can afford and that your baby will love.

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