Types and Styles of Baby Walkers

Human, Types and Styles of Baby Walkers

Many parents think that infant walkers will help their baby to walk. The truth is that walkers interfere with learning to walk.

The risk of infant walkers

  • It decreases the desire to walk by providing an easier alternative.
  • Strengthen the wrong muscles
  • Walkers can delay mental development
  • The risk of injury

Statistics and Injuries

Baby walkers send more than 14,000 children to the hospital every year.

Injuries - most often happen when the baby falls because the walker has tipped over. Other accidents happen when the baby moves into places the parents wouldn't normally expect the child to be - such as on stairs. The injuries most often associated with the use of infant walkers include leg, arm, and skull fractures; burns; facial cuts; and head injuries.

Baby exersaucers, baby jumpers - safe, fun, interactive and developmentally appropriate alternative

1. Baby exersaucers - look like walkers, but without the wheels. They allow children to bounce, rock, spin, and sit upright.

2. Baby jumpers - you can choose doorway or floor jumper for your child. I would recommend floor jumper. It is safe and comfortable place for children to sit and play. It helps encourage healthy development.

  • Moving, spinning, and jumping enhances large motor skills.
  • The variety of textures integrated into the toys provide tactile stimulation.
  • The bright colors and fun music engage your child's visual and auditory senses.
  • It enhances learning through discovery.
  • It helps to understand cause and effect.
  • It fosters eye-hand coordination.

Infant walkers do not help children walk sooner and moreover they cause a lot of injuries. Do not risk the health of your baby.

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