Why You Should Use Choose Organic Baby Toys

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Why You Should Use Choose Organic Baby Toys

As a supportive mother or father, you want to provide the very best for your baby. From the safest and most protective car seats, to the most nutrient-dense foods, to the most educational toys; there are countless considerations involved with raising a child. Unfortunately, many toys on the market today are manufactured from materials that contain potentially harmful chemicals, which can in-turn inhibit the development of a growing baby.
The Health Concerns Surrounding Conventional Toys

The health-concerning materials that are used to create most of today's modern toys come in many forms; ranging from non-organic cotton for dolls and stuff animals to the paint used to put the finishing touches on toys. The coloring elements are what present one of the greatest problems, especially due to the widespread outbreak of toys being imported from China that contained an alarmingly high concentrate of poisonous lead paint.

In many brightly colored toys there can be trace amounts of toxic chemicals, such as lead, mercury, phthalates, and even arsenic. Further, the U.S. government permits the sale of toys (both foreign and domestic) that contain small traces of these toxic substances.

That's not to say all non-organic baby toys are plagued with these toxins, but it does strike a point that is worth acknowledging. Because babies and young toddlers are known put toys in their mouths, ensuring that your baby's toys contain none of these toxic chemicals is key to fully protect your child's health.

The best solution to avoid exposing your child to conventional and chemical-infused baby toys is to opt for organic toys. Below we share some information about organic baby toys and how to go about shopping for these all-natural alternatives.

The Basics About Organic Toys Most organic toys are manufactured using cotton and wool that's 100% organically grown and processed. Additionally, organic baby toys can come from all-natural wood, such as bamboo or common hardwoods.

It's important to note that to be labeled an "organic toy," not only must the material composition be organic and chemical-free, but none of the latter-mentioned concerning substances can be used during the manufacturing process of the toy.

Perhaps one of the most important elements of organic toys is the dyes that used during manufacturing. Dyes used to make organic toys typically stem from natural plant sources, which also must be grown 100% organically with no pesticides or insecticides. Color-enriched leaves, berries, and other organic plants are often the basis for the colors used to craft organic toys.

While many parents are under the impression that buying only organic toys limits the options available, this belief couldn't be further from the truth. Not only are organic toys often more educational and inspirational for children, but the options among organic toys are plentiful.

There is a wide spectrum of organic baby toys on the market, spanning from blocks, dolls, and stuffed animals to trains, cars, and various figurines. Not only are organic baby toys better for the physical well-being of your children, but these types of baby toys are known to inspire greater creativity, logic, and reasoning. While many conventional toys are highly-stimulating and engaging, the simplistic nature of organic baby toys can influence cognitive development for the better.

How to Mindfully Shop for Organic Baby Toys

Shopping for organic baby toys can often times be challenging. Success hinges on not only where you do your shopping, but also how you shop. As more and more parents become conscious about organic toys and their benefits, more big-box retailers are starting to carry natural and organic options.

There are many toys that are labeled as "made with organic materials," however this doesn't necessarily mean all elements of the toy are completely natural and safe. It's very important that you seek organic toys that are labeled as 100% organic. In some cases, toy manufacturers make the packaging misleading and they attempt to use marketing-jargon to get you to believe their toys are completely natural. Just be sure to read the packaging carefully, especially if the appears to contain chemically-based dyes.

Fortunately in today's digital world, it's not hard to find online stores that sell organic baby toys. Some larger websites will contain categories for natural, organic toys, but the best route to take is find online stores that specialize in and are dedicated offering a wide selection of organic toys for babies and toddlers.

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