DIONO Radian® 3RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat (2020 Edition) - Grey Slate - ANB Baby
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DIONO Radian 3 RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat (2020 Edition)

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The Diono radian® 3RXT is the original 3 across All-in-One convertible car seat, trusted by over a million parents to protect their child from birth to booster (5-120 lbs / 2.3-54 kg). Lovingly engineered with the famous Diono steel core and now rear-facing for even longer. Expect 10 years of safety from just one car seat!

What’s New about the 2020 Model?

Rear-facing for longer

Now up to 50lbs / 22.7 kg

Improved Fabrics

New and updated fabrics that are easy to remove and wash.

Positioning Liner

New 2-in-1 infant positioning liner that is removable as child grows

Newborn Wedge

Integrated newborn travel high wedge creates near lie-flat travel position


Car Seat Installation:

Product Specs:

5-50 lbs / 2.3-22.7 kg

22-65 lbs / 10-29.5 kg

Booster mode
40-120 lbs / 18-54 kg

Seated torso height
7.5-16.5″ / 19-42 cm

Overall maximum height
up to 57″ / 144.8 cm

26.4 lbs / 11.97 kg

Care and Maintenance:

Cover machine washable at 86F/30C/Cold

DIONO Radian® 3RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat (2020 Edition)

Product Manual

Tips and Tricks:

Installation Tips

  • read the manual the comes with your car seat
  • read the vehicle manual
  • find a certified child passenger safety instructor or technician to help you and check your installations


Airline Use:

  • unfold the Diono car seat before boarding the plane and ask the flight attendant for seat belt extenders
  • make sure to install the car seat next to the window so passengers can get by in case of an emergency
  • make sure to take the slack out of the seat belt extender before connecting to the airplane seatbelt

Rear Facing Installation:

  • first secure the detachable base and slide in the locking mechanism
  • adjust the harness to be the proper height for rear facing
  • adjust the head support to fit your child properly

Folding and Unfolding:

  • to unfold: lay the car seat down on a stable flat surface and undo the velcro strap, tuck it in behind the fabric and open seat until clicked and locked.
  • to fold: remove the red velcro strap from behind the fabric and loosen up the harness as much as possible so they are at the top of the car seat. release the lever at the bottom of the car seat and push seat inward - secure the top with the red velcro strap.


Right For Newborn:

  • whether you buy an infant only car seat or an all-in-one convertible car seat, both car seats have to meet the same standard
  • seats like the Diono all-in-one convertible car seats come with an infant cushion insert to properly fit your child in the harness
  • all-in-one convertibles are more economical - they have a lot of room for growth for your growing child


can the radian 3RXT fit 3-across in my car?

Most likely, yes, as long as you have 51” (129.6cm) in the back row from vehicle armrest to armrest. It may be necessary to install all three using the vehicle seat belt system.

can the harness straps be cleaned?

Yes, we recommend using a damp cloth with a solution of water and baking soda to wipe the straps clean. They cannot be saturated in any liquid, or they will need to be replaced. Replacement harness straps can be purchased on our website.

can I use the radian 3RXT from birth?

Yes, the weight limits on all our convertible car seats starts at 5lbs. The newborn must also meet a length requirement where the top of their shoulders reaches the lowest harness slot on the seat.

are the harness pads and buckle pads required on my seat?

Yes, they are required while your child is sitting in forward-facing. They are optional but recommended while sitting in rear-facing. The center buckle pad is required at all times.

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