Double Strollers

Whether you were surprised by the news of twins or are in the process of growing your family, managing travel with two young children is always a challenge. ANB Baby wants to help make life on the go easier for you and your little ones.

From Sunday walks in the park, to cross country travel, or simply your next trip to the grocery store, having a great double stroller on hand makes navigating the world with multiple kids easier. Tandem seating or side by side, conquering concrete or hiking trails, we have an option to fit your unique lifestyle and needs. Find your perfect double stroller in our shop.



Life as a parent of one is complicated already. Add multiple little ones into the mix and things can get a little crazy! Any experienced parent will tell you the best baby gear is the kind that evolves with your needs. That’s why we provide double stroller models that flex with whatever life throws at you.

Go from one baby to two without any additional purchase with the Silver Cross Coast Baby Double Stroller. Designed with the highest quality magnesium alloy and four-way independent suspension, you can feel confident knowing that your child is safe wherever life takes you.

Many of our models, including the Silver Cross Coast, are designed with car seat adaptability. Go from traffic to city sidewalks in a few simple clicks.  Many of our double strollers also offer front and rear facing capabilities. When your baby is small, bond with them face to face during walks around town. As they grow, reverse to spark curiosity and watch them discover the world on each new adventure you take together.


Storage & Safety

Along with multiple kids comes the reality of transporting not only your children, but all of their daily essentials as well. Keep snacks, diapers, changing pads, bottles and more on hand by choosing a stroller that makes storage a top priority. The BRITAX B-Lively Double Stroller comes equipped with a large, sturdy under-seat storage compartment. Big enough to hold everything your babies need, it’s seamless design reduces weight and maximizes space efficiency.

Traveling can be stressful enough without worrying about the safety of your child’s stroller. All of our featured double strollers incorporate top of the line safety adaptations to keep your little one secure on the move. Linked parking breaks, reinforced frames, and cushioned seating all allow your baby to relax and enjoy the world as you enjoy quality time on the go.


Modern & Ergonomic Designs

Many people associate double strollers with bulk and inconvenience. This doesn’t have to be the case. Designs like the BRITAX B-Lively consider style as well as function, capturing a sleek, streamlined design combined with easy folding and self standing capabilities for fast storage. Heavy, clunky strollers can be hard to maneuver. Smooth riding wheels, shock absorbing frames, and adjustable handlebars allow you to customize your stroller to fit your unique needs.

Whether you like to jog, walk, travel, or just take it easy, don’t compromise when it comes to a great double stroller. Life with multiple children can be tough, but the right gear can make it much easier. From sleek styles to upgraded safety and exceptional versatility, the best fit for you and your babies is available in our shop.