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Medela Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottle Set Available in 5 Oz (150mL) and 8 Oz (240mL) With or Without Nipples
Medela breast milk bottles are made without BPA. Safe plastic designed to retain breast milk benefits. Features and Benefits: Compatible with all Medela breast pumps: Pump, store and feed with one container Dishwasher safe: Cleaning couldn't be easier with our...
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Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder with 80mL Collection Container
The Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder with 80mL Collection Container is designed for babies with facial or oral problems that hamper their ability to maintain adequate suction for feeding. The specially designed valve and silicone feeder adjust milk flow to suit baby’s...
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Medela Starter SNS with 80 mL Collection Container, Sterile
Starter SNS™ with 80 mL Collection Container (Sterile) Short-term use (24 hour) supplemental feeding device with 80 ml container. Sterile and ready to use. Contents: Starter SNS assembly QuickClip™ (1) Tape strip (1) Elastic ring (1) Tubing clamp (1) Membrane...
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Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder with 80 mL Collection Container, Sterile
Medela specialized feeder with 80 ml container designed for babies with cleft palate and other special feeding problems. Sterile and ready to use specialneeds feeder. Contents: (1) 80 mL Collection container (1) SpecialNeeds Feeder nipple (1) Collar (1) Disc (1)...

Medela Breast Milk Bottles

Looking for the best way to store your baby’s breast milk? Medela breast milk bottles are the perfect solution. Medela offers high-quality bottles that are made without BPA, designed to retain all your breast milk’s benefits. 

Medela breast milk and storage bottles are easy to use as they are compatible with all Medela breast pumps and provide an easy way to measure the exact amount of milk you’re expressing. In addition to that, they are dishwasher safe, making them easy to wash and clean.

Medela breast milk storage bottles are available with or without a nipple which makes it even easier to feed your baby after pumping if you choose to do so. Whether you need an easy storage solution for your breast milk or a special needs feeder, Medela offers it all.

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