NogginStik® Developmental Light-up Rattle - ANB Baby
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SMARTNOGGIN NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle

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The NogginStik® developmental light-up rattle is baby’s first learning toy. It might look like a cute version of a baby rattle, but it has a powerful agenda. The NogginStik® was designed to help parents, caregivers and early intervention therapists begin encouraging early milestones in infants.

The NogginStik head lights up red, blue and green to stimulate a baby’s eyes and to encourage visual tracking. The base of the NogginStik makes a soft rattle sound to please the ears. It has an easy to hold handle for mastering grasping and fun textures to delight the sense of touch. Your baby’s NogginStik® will help you begin to encourage her beginning milestones from the day she is born!

Product Features:
  • Encourages Visual tracking in infants, encourages early milestones.
  • Birth - 12 months.
  • Red, green and blue lights to encourage visual tracking skills.
  • Soft rattle sound to encourage auditory skills.
  • Easy to hold handle for mastering grasping.
  • Fun textures to delight the sense of touch.
Product Specifications:
  • Recommended for: birth to, 12 months.
  • Gender: Both.

 Safety Information:

Product Safety



SmartNoggin is committed to providing safe, quality products to enhance a child’s early development.  We want to make sure your experience with all SmartNoggin products is enjoyable and productive, and free from any safety concerns. The materials used for our products are frequently used, child safe materials that meet or exceed applicable safety standards (and are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and lead).

 Design and Production:

As each product is developed, we carefully select quality product design and production partners specializing in child products to ensure a safe, quality product from design to production to delivery. Decisions addressing the design, materials used, and construction techniques for each product are made to ensure that each product meets or exceeds applicable safety standards. Also, our production partners have been certified by the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) as maintaining safe and humane workplaces.


To ensure our products meet or exceed applicable safety standards, we elected to partner with Intertek, one of the world’s leading independent testing authorities, and a global leader in safety and quality assurance services. Intertek partners with global retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of consumer goods to evaluate and enhance their products, processes, and brands. Intertek has evaluated each SmartNoggin product and confirmed that each one meets or exceeds applicable safety standards.

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