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12 of the Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

by Vannessa Rhoades 14 Nov 2022
12 of the Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Holiday gift ideas for preschoolers are so much fun to explore! Parents know this age is all about inquisitiveness and exploration. Early STEM toys—those that help develop skills associated with science, technology, engineering, and math—let preschoolers explore cause-effect relationships and test an object's size, shape, and strength. They also help children this age refine their language and cooperation skills and their fine motor skills as they learn to push and pull pieces apart. Gifts that encourage art and creativity, as well as games and movement toys that inspire the imagination and let kids engage in vigorous enthusiastic play are also great choices for kids this age.

If you’re ready to start shopping, we’ve got you covered! To keep you feeling jolly and festive this season, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and curated some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for preschoolers.

1. A new set of wheels

Light up your ride with the Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED Scooter! This preschooler favorite features an adjustable handlebar allowing the scooter to fit your child at each stage of growth, from ages 2 to 5 years! This scooter has everything: an anodized stem, an anti-slip silicone footplate, a superior rear brake, and don’t forget the light-up wheels! These super cool LED wheels are motion-activated with no batteries required! The T-bar provides stability as children steer by using their body weight to lean right or left. This intuitive way of steering limits jerky turns and develops essential balance and coordination skills. Best of all, Micro offers the highest quality scooters in terms of design and construction, meaning you can rest assured that they will last from adventure to adventure, year to year, and child to child.


2. Noggin protection

If you go with the scooter (and you totally should!), you’ll want to make sure your preschool stays safe. The Nutcase Little Nutty Robo Boy Gloss MIPS Helmet sets the standard for fun when it comes to kid’s helmets. The all-new Little Nutty raises the bar again featuring industry safety leader MIPS in addition to being filled with protective Crumple Zone EPS foam. Now offered in two sizes, the Little Nutty ensures ultimate fit and comfort for kids ages 3 and up. 


3. A read-aloud adventure

Wham! Pow! Become a superhero and blast off on universe-saving adventures with the Toniebox! Whether an action-packed story featuring your favorite superhero or your own heroic adventure, Creative-Tonies, like this super cute Tonies Superhero Figurine, can store up to 90 minutes of custom content. Just upload audio using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


4. A fun lunchbox for school

Pack perfect child-sized portions with sturdy and super cute SKIP HOP Zoo Bento Box lunch boxes! An all-in-on lunch solution, even the pickiest eaters in the family will love to munch on everything you pack in the divided tray and separate containers with lids. A secure seal helps prevent messes, while kid-friendly latches are easy for little hands to open and close on their own. Even better? It’s dishwasher-safe so clean-up’s a breeze.

5. A balance bike

Whether exploring the city, zooming through the park, or walking around the neighborhood, do it in style with the Mima Zoom Balance Bike! The Zoom teaches proper balancing techniques and makes for a seamless transition to a regular bike without the use of training wheels. It glides easily across uneven surfaces and can be custom fit to your preschooler’s size using the adjustable seat and handlebars. The Zoom has that high-end aesthetic and quality materials that Mima Kids® products are known for – plus, it’s super easy to assemble (a great quality in a holiday gift)!


6. A baby doll

A new doll for the holidays? What could be more fun for a little one! Manhattan Toy’s Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing Doll includes a removable diaper, a one-piece outfit with a hook and loop closure, and a pacifier that attaches magnetically to her mouth. Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy is an ideal first baby doll collection that will encourage little ones to role play, nurture, and care. Baby Stella dolls are completely soft and beautifully crafted with life-like details such as a belly button and a perfectly plump tummy. Your little one can change her outfits and every doll comes with a magnetic pacifier. This unique collection of baby dolls also offers a variety of soft and safe doll accessories that allow children to have a caregiving experience.


7. A doll carrier

Preschoolers love to play by mimicking the adults around them. Let your child carry their favorite doll just like how mom and dad used to carry their little one with this adorable Doll Carrier from Ergobaby. Designed for front or back carrying positions, it comes with adjustable, padded straps for comfort.


8. Magnetic blocks

The Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set is available in 14- piece, 24-piece, and 42-piece sets that allow your preschooler to explore their creative side. Tegu Blocks are made from eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced hardwoods and safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers (for colors and clear coats). They're a modern twist on a beloved classic. Best of all, Tegu Blocks are heirloom-quality toys meant to be passed from generation to generation so your family will be sure to get the most out of them for years to come.


9. A fairy wish kit

Preschoolers will love greeting their tiny magical friends with the Klutz Jr. My Fairy Wish Kit. Complete with ten projects and special instructions on how to summon a visit from their favorite fairy while they're sleeping, This kit is essential to giving your child a boost of confidence. Whether they're looking for a tooth fairy to help them when they've lost a Tooth or a brave fairy to give them courage when they're afraid, this kit will make all of their wishes come true. Kids can decorate a fairy door, dress up a special fairy doll, craft a wand, and more, to turn the experience into the perfect fairy tale.


10. A board game

The Shelby's Snack Shack Game (a preschool counting “bone-anza”) is a summer day trip to a dog beach! Shelby buried bones in the sand and needs your help collecting them. Help her dig up the most bones, and you win! Kids take turns using the adorable Shelby Squeezer to fill their dog bowl with bones while they practice early counting and number skills. Shelby’s Snack Shack helps preschoolers learn how to count, recognize the numerals 1 to 5, begin addition and subtraction, as well as practice pre-handwriting skills, social skills, and simple strategic-thinking skills. 


11. Fun with their ABCs

Make learning letters fun! Introduce your preschooler to early literacy with the HABA Magnetic Game Box ABC Expedition! This cheerful letter-arranging game playfully introduces your child to the alphabetical world of letters and spelling. A great selection of motifs invites children to go on a lark with letters. The handy cardboard carrying case and magnetic pieces make this set ideal for travel.


12. A plush friend craft kit

Little makers everywhere will love the Klutz Jr. My Paw Patrol Pom-Pom Pups Jr. Craft Kit, an imaginative, hands-on, soft construction kit. After reading the all-new storybook, Pups Save the Camping Trip, kids can use the included pom-poms and punch-out pieces to craft the pups from the story: Chase, Skye, Rubble, Zuma, Marshall, and Rocky—plus their chicken pal, Chickaletta! Combined with scouting sticker badges and mini camping accessories, this kit brings little readers right into the “pup-tastic” action and adventure!


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