Infant Car Seats

If you have an infant, you want the very best for them in terms of safety. But you also want convenience and ease of use when deciding on a car seat to use for your baby. Depending upon your lifestyle, there are several kinds of car seats that you can choose from, each with its own desirable features.


All infant car seats are rear-facing, because this better protects the more fragile neck and shoulders of young babies. Children can generally use a rear-facing seat until about one or two years of age, or when they no longer fit the height and weight specifications of the seat.


Rear-facing infant seats often have a base that remains in your vehicle, to which you attach the main portion of the car seat when going for a ride. This offers fast and easy buckle-up for both you and your little one.

Extra Features

Some car seats offer more than just comfort and basic security. Some, like the Cybex Jewels of Nature Cloud Q SensorSafe Infant Car Seat, provide a sensor that sends alerts either through the car’s delivery system or your smartphone whenever unsafe conditions arise for your child.


The purpose of an infant car seat is to protect your child from impact and whiplash in the event of an accident, and to minimize jostling in non-ideal road conditions. Some seats, like the NUNA PIPA Lite Infant Car Seat with Base, offer an additional stability leg to prevent rocking during travel and forward rotation during impact.


If you want the lightest car seat on the market that you can still install without its base, consider the BABY JOGGER City GO Air Infant Car Seat. Perfect for taxi rides across the city, this infant car seat features exceptional support and protection. It is compatible with any BABY JOGGER stroller, and boasts a retractable sun-shield that offers full-body shade and UV protection. Plus, when installed using its included base, it also includes an anti-rebound bar that stabilizes the seat against sudden movement and impact, keeping your little one even safer.


Convertible car seats are designed for extended use by offering both rear- and front-facing configurations. For instance, the CLEK Foonf Convertible Car Seat allows you to use the rear-facing position until your child reaches 50 lbs, after which its versatile range of function allows it to become a front-facing booster seat for your toddler. The CLEK Foonf convertible car seat offers amazing impact protection and energy-absorptive materials, offering security similar to a rear-facing seat even in the front-facing position.


ANB Baby offers a wide selection of infant car seats to suit your specific needs. With so many stylish options that offer exceptional safety and security, you’re sure to find the perfect car seat for your child.