Baby Food Preparation & Storage

Sharing meals with your little one is a bright spot in your day. But without the right tools for the job, clean up and food preparation can become a chore you dread. We’re making your prep work short and cleaning easier so you can spend more time eating with your baby, and less time worrying about the rest.  

Meal Preparation 

Making food for your child is a labor of love, and having the right tools for the job can simplify the entire process. If your food processor is too bulky and noisy, swap it for the OXO TOT Mash Maker Baby Food Mill. With innovative, human powered blades, this food processor requires no batteries or electricity meaning you can meal prep anywhere. Free of noisy grinding gears, there’s no risk of waking your child from their nap.  

Most traditional kitchen mashing utensils aren’t designed with your child’s food in mind. The OXO Tot Food Masher is designed with specialized teeth and a bowl-scraping side, allowing you to go from food prep to food storage in minutes. Even better, all mashers come paired with a special, steep sided bowl to take mess out of the equation. 

Storage Solutions 

Busy parents know the magic of preparing food in bulk. But the hassle of mismatched tupperware can take up valuable space in your refrigerator and freezer. Save space with the OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers, which slot perfectly into a custom freezing tray, made stackable for ultimate convenience. Need a storage solution that grows with you? The Beaba Multiportions are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and can be used as an ice tray or even a cupcake mold once your baby is older.  

If you’re a fan of pouched baby food but hate storing it, the Squooshi 2 Sip'N Soft Tops has your back. Convenient and BPA free, durable material keeps your child’s food organized and accessible. For busy families constantly running across town, snacking on the go is part of life. Keep snacks off the ground and in your child’s mouth with the Zip Top Reusable Baby + Kid Snack Containers 

Easy Clean 

There’s joy in knowing you’re making nutritious, delicious food for your baby. There’s a lot less joy in cleaning up afterwards. From gentle washing to serious scrubbing, the OXO Tot Bottle Brush tackles tough, hard to reach food and build up with ease.  

Constantly losing that one small sippy cup piece in the dishwasher? The OXO Tot Dishwasher basket is designed to keep small parts like bottle nipples and straw holders in place, allowing for a deep clean without the missing pieces. Countertops can be prime real estate for clutter. Elevate dishes, bottles, and more with the BOON Twig Drying Rack, made to lift drying dishes and give you more functional space to work.  

If you love the benefits of making your child’s food from scratch, but hate the tireless prep work and the constant battle to fit containers into your freezer or refrigerator, ANB Baby has a better way. Shop our store for storage and meal prep solutions to fit every kind of lifestyle.