Teething Toys

Teething can be no fun for parents or babies. The process of cutting new teeth can leave your baby’s mouth sore, inflamed, and irritated, making them a less than happy camper. Give your child relief from the aches and irritation of teething with one of our premium teething toys. From classic rings, to wearable beads, and innovative accessories, ANB Baby has everything you need to soothe sore gums and bring relief to your little one, no matter where you are. 

Teething Rings 

Teething rings have been a favorite for both parents and babies alike for years. Offering simple and effective relief to painful gums, they’re easy to keep around the house or within arms reach on the go. Shake the teething blues away with an adorable Ritzy Rattle! The Itzy Ritzy silicone rattle teether features a gentle rattle sound and includes two silicone rings to keep baby’s hands busy

For a cooling effect your baby will love, the MAM baby Cooler Teether is designed with water filled teething elements designed to comfort any child. The multi surface structure means back teeth and molars can be reached with ease. Is an eco-friendly option important to your family? Reach for a sustainable choice with the Hevea Panda Teether, made from sustainably sourced materials and perfectly constructed to massage sore mouths.  

Teething Beads 

Busy moms on the go know how difficult it is to fit everything your baby needs into your purse or diaper bag. Teething beads are changing that. Easily worn as a cute necklace or a bracelet, chewable beads go from accessory to pain relief for your child in an instant. Made with 100% non-toxic silicone, CHEWBEADS are a stylish way to be prepared no matter where you are.  

Choose from simple, classic white, or change it up with violet or green. Available in 12 unique and classic colors, there’s an option for any outfit. Not a fan of necklaces? CHEWBEADS are available in beautiful bracelet designs as well. To clean, simply throw in the dishwasher for sanitization and they’re ready to wear again and again. 

Accessories and More 

Browse our shop for teething toys and accessories that go beyond basics. Add a flair with adorable, brightly colored options like the Razbaby Raz Fresa Teether, or explore the Mary Meyer collection which features adorable characters.

Make baby wearing more efficient with the ERGOBABY Carrier Teething Pad and Bib. Soothe your little one with close contact and allow them to find comfort in the carrier’s built in teething pads. Help your child explore new foods and reduce inflammation at the same time with the OXO TOT Infant Teething Silicone Self-Feeder. Simply stock with frozen fruits and veggies and let your baby gnaw away. 

Whether your child has just started teething, or is currently in the thick of it, seeing your baby in pain can be heartbreaking. Bring them the relief they need with any of our top of the line teething toys and products. From wearable beads, to classic designs and innovative accessories, everything you need for this stage of life and the next is available in our shop.