Baby Monitors

Whether you're a new parent or growing your family, the nerves and apprehensive feelings inherent to caring for a newborn never completely leave. Over the years, technology has found ways to relieve these feelings of anxiety with a variety of innovative baby monitors.  

From classic audio and video monitors, to thermometers and more, there’s a gadget to help you regain your peace of mind knowing your little one is safe and sound. 


Monitors Offer Peace of Mind 

Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once. Even super parents need a little help! Every parent’s biggest fear is something happening to their child as they sleep or play. Audio and video baby monitors can allow you to take a break while knowing your child is safe. Baby monitors exist as extra eyes and ears that clue you in when disruptions occur, and allow you to relax with confidence, knowing that if your baby is in trouble, you’ll be notified immediately. 


Foster Independent Sleep 

Because baby monitors allow you to check in on your child while you are in different areas of the house, they give your little one a heightened opportunity to become comfortable with independent sleep. As your baby settles into their nursery, it can be tempting to visit their room often to check on them. Unfortunately, coming in and out of their space often can also become disruptive, making it difficult for them to establish confidence sleeping on their own. 

Baby monitors ease the stress of this transition by allowing you to view your child from a distance. You’ll know when extra attention is required, and when your baby simply needs a minute or two to calm themselves and fall back to sleep. 


Provides Critical Information 

In addition to offering much needed stress relief, advanced monitors can relay information parents may use to make judgement calls about the care of their child. Reports of elevated temperature, lower heart rate, or continuous restlessness can empower parents to take action. Be it a trip to the doctor, or simply improving your baby’s general comfort, the best baby monitors allow you to feel confident that you’re making the right call for your child. 


A Monitor for Every Concern 

Today’s monitors have come a long way from basic units that simply transmit sound. The last decade has seen the introduction of video monitors, wellness monitors, and more. Now, you can keep constant tabs on everything from your resting baby’s heart rate to their oxygen saturation.  

No one wants to wake their sick, resting child just to take their temperature. Monitors such as the FRIDABABY FeverFrida iThermonitor attach easily to your little one and report temperature changes every four seconds to alert you to spikes in fever. Designed for minimal disruption and maximum comfort, this tiny bluetooth monitor attaches to the skin with gentle, adhesive patches that stick and unstick without any uncomfortable residue. The FeverFrida goes above and beyond, reporting all temperature spikes to your smartphone and stores data for future doctor and pediatrician appointments.  

If you’re struggling with feelings of stress and anxiety, monitors like those available in our shop can help give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Find the right fit for you and your child today.