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18 of the Best Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

by Vannessa Rhoades 10 Oct 2023

18 of the Best Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

It's the scariest time of the year! Autumn leaves are falling, and kids are scouting out the best neighborhoods to get the most candy. Halloween can be really enjoyable, but it also has some dangers. The good news is that, if you know what those dangers are and prepare for them, there's no need to worry! Here are a few tips from Safe Kids Worldwide to make sure your little ghosts and goblins stay safe on Halloween, whether you're going door-to-door for treats, carving pumpkins, or decorating.

Make Costumes Fun and Safe!

Staying safe involves more than just being visible. What your child wears can affect their safety, too. It's essential to make sure your child's costume fits well to prevent trips, falls, and distractions while walking.

  • Pick a costume that fits well to avoid any trips and tumbles. Adjust long gowns and loose pants. Keep an eye on your child's shoes, and avoid costumes with long trains or capes that drag on the ground.
  • Jazz up costumes and bags with shiny tape or stickers, and go for light shades if you can.
  • Choose non-toxic face paint and makeup instead of masks that might cover their eyes and block their vision. If your child insists on a mask, ensure the eye holes are twice as big as their eyes.
  • Before your child goes near any Jack O'Lanterns with lit candles, check the tags in their costume to make sure it's flame retardant.
  • If they're carrying props like toy swords, wands, or shields, go for soft materials to avoid any pokes or scratches. Take photos with the full costume and props before going trick-or-treating, and consider leaving extra accessories at home.

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Use Caution Trick-or-Treating

Halloween can be a bit tricky when it comes to road safety.  According to Safe Kids Worldwide, the chance of kids getting hit by a car doubles on Halloween compared to any other.

  • If you've got a little one, stick close and keep an eye on them. Kids under 12 should have an adult around.
  • Before you set off on your candy quest, plan a route with houses that are easy to reach by foot, with clear paths and sidewalks.
  • Start your trick-or-treat adventure while it's still light outside – this way, everyone can see better. Whenever you head out, stay in a big group with lots of grown-ups to guide kids and avoid traffic.
  • While collecting treats, remind your kiddos about road rules: look both ways, use crosswalks and traffic signals, and make eye contact with drivers.
  • No scrolling on your phone while walking!
  • Give your little candy collector a bucket with built-in lights or attach a glow stick to their treat bag. They'll have fun checking out their haul, and you'll relax knowing they're more visible to drivers.

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Follow Halloween Candy Safety Tips for Parents

While incidents of tampered candy are rare and often more of a spooky tale than reality, it's still good to be cautious about what ends up in your child's trick-or-treat bag.

  • Make sure your kids have a hearty dinner before they go trick-or-treating. This way, they'll be less likely to munch on candy while they're out. Plus, you'll have the chance to go through their candy stash when you're back home.
  • Take a close look at the candy. If the wrappers are torn, have holes, or look damaged, it's best to toss them. The same goes for homemade treats and any candy that could be risky for little ones to swallow.
  • If your child has a food allergy, be sure to read all the labels before any candy gets unwrapped and devoured. Safety first!
18 of the Best Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

Carve Carefully

Pumpkin carving injuries seem almost as common as Jack O’Lanterns during Halloween. According to the American Society for the Surgery of the Hand, Halloween is one of the top three holidays for trips to the emergency room. But fear not! Here are some tips to ensure your hands are in great shape for handing out candy on Halloween night.

  • Keep kids away from carving, no matter how they promise to be careful. To involve them, let them design the pattern and clean out the gooey stuff inside. Get them a pumpkin carving kit made just for kids.
  • Prevent slips by making sure your carving tools, workspace, and hands are completely dry before you start. Take your time, carve away from yourself in small, gentle motions, and be extra cautious if the knife gets stuck. A lot of injuries happen when people try to force a stuck knife out of the pumpkin.
  • Opt for a pumpkin carving kit to stay safe: These kits come with templates, a scoop, and serrated knives that are easier to handle and less likely to get stuck. They're not super sharp, so you're less likely to make deep cuts.
  • Swap out real candles for battery-operated ones inside your Jack O’ Lanterns. If you spot pumpkins with lit candles while out trick-or-treating, remind your kids to give them some space.

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The Takeaway

As you gear up for the spookiest night of the year, remember that safety can go hand in hand with Halloween fun. By following these safety tips for parents on Halloween, you'll be all set to create magical memories while ensuring the safety of your little witches, wizards, and ghouls. From creative costumes to well-lit Jack O’Lanterns, from cautious carving to candy-checking, let's make this Halloween a truly enchanting and safe experience for everyone. Have a hauntingly happy Halloween!

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