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4 Reasons Why We’re On Board with the Bumbleride Toddler Board

by Vannessa Rhoades 14 Jan 2023
4 Reasons Why We’re On Board with the Bumbleride Toddler Board

Looking for a compact stroller board that takes up very little space? Meet the Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board, a skateboard-style toddler board that attaches to the back of the stroller. The Bumbleride Toddler Board offers a fun and dynamic transitional tool for growing toddlers, while also extending the lifespan and relevance of the Bumbleride stroller.

Why We Love the Bumbleride Toddler Board

This stroller board is perfect for parents looking for a compact, easy-to-maneuver stroller board. Here's why we love it:


Weighing just 8 pounds, the Bumbleride Toddler Board is one of the lightest stroller board attachments on the market. This makes it less bulky and easier to carry than other boards. Don’t be fooled by its convenient, lightweight design though – this sturdy board can carry kids weighing up to 44 pounds! 

Easy to use and install

In addition to its compact structure, this board has a straightforward clamping system for stroller attachment. Designed specifically to be compatible with Bumbleride’s Era, Indie, Indie Twin, and Indie 4, you can easily attach or detach it from these strollers in seconds. The biggest drawback? The board does not fold away when not needed, which means you will have to remove it.

Designed with safety in mind

The Bumbleride Mini Board features a slip-resistant deck to stabilize your toddler’s toes as they ride, ensuring your child does not slide off the board while it’s in motion. Your child can also hold on to the stroller’s handlebars for added safety and stability.

Easy maneuverability

With its durable swiveling wheels, the Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board can follow the stroller in any direction. This makes it easy to maneuver around rocky places, roots, uneven surfaces, offering maximum maneuverability and tracking. The wheels are also set high and a good length apart. This helps keep you from hitting the board while in motion since your feet will fit naturally in the space below the board.

Simple to clean

The Bumbleride Mini Board is a cinch to clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth, and be sure to keep wheels lubricated with a silicon-based lubricant.

4 Reasons Why We’re On Board with the Bumbleride Toddler Board

What Parents are Saying About the Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board

Take a look at what other parents love about this amazing compact stroller board:

“All in all, I love this attachment. It lets me have a small footprint stroller while giving me the option to transport two kids. It's perfect for longer walks and things like a parade where it's crowded. I use it every day and love it.” 

“This board has been a lifesaver to convert our Indie Twin into a three kid capacity stroller. Both my 2- and 4-year-olds are able to stand on it without problem…Would I buy it again? Yes, way cheaper than a triple stroller and works well enough for our strolling to the park needs.” 

“I didn't want to spend the money, but I am so glad I did. I have both the Indie and Indie Twin and have used it with my 3-year-old son on both strollers. It works better on the Indie because the room between the handle and the stroller is wider. I was afraid it wouldn't work well on the Indie Twin, but was surprised that it worked just fine. [The board] is easy to attach and detach so not a problem that it can't remain on when folding.”

“My wife bought this for our oldest son to ride on while our youngest little guy cruises in the stroller. This was a hit with our son and it is really great for us to push around to children easily. It is sturdy and well built which is par for Bumbleride products. It attaches easily to our stroller and I wish we had bought this sooner.”

Product Specs for the Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board

Considering whether the Bumbleride Toddler Board may be right for your little one? Take a look at the product details:

  • Minimum age/weight: Child must be able to walk unassisted.
  • Maximum child weight capacity: 44lbs. (20 kgs.)
  • Mini Board weight: 8lbs (3.6 kgs.)
  • Remove to fold stroller
  • Should only be used on even terrain at walking speed
  • Product Care : Wipe down with a damp cloth, keep wheels lubricated with a silicon-based lubricant.
  • Product dimensions: 20”L x 16”W x 8”H
  • Wheel size: 8"

Need more info? Download the Bumbleride Indie Mini Board operating manual.

The Verdict

The Bumbleride Mini Board Toddler Board is a sturdy lightweight stroller board you and your toddler will love. It’s simple to attach and detach, easy to maneuver, and offers a safe fun ride for your little one.

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