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9 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby Before They Can Walk

by Vannessa Rhoades 07 Aug 2023
9 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby Before They Can Walk

Lots of parents are taken aback by how rapidly their babies grow. This becomes particularly evident when their little ones begin to walk. If your own child hasn't reached that point yet, there are plenty of delightful experiences you can cherish together before they take their first steps. Engaging in activities with your baby before they can walk will allow both you and your little one to fully appreciate this stage, as it becomes significantly more demanding once they gain the ability to move independently.

Capturing precious moments with your camera, exploring the park together, and just taking time to appreciate the beauty around you are just a few delightful activities you can engage in with your baby before they begin to toddle. Babies have their own timeline for when they're ready to start walking, and there's no need to rush the process. Embrace the journey towards those first steps and savor the moments along the way.

If your little one takes a bit longer to become a proficient walker, there's no cause for concern. Many babies begin to take their first steps around one year old, but the age at which babies transition into the "toddler" stage can vary significantly. Whenever your little one embarks on this milestone, these tips can help you both appreciate the time leading up to that significant day.

1. Stroll Around a Pet Store

The zoo can be lots of fun, but chances are good that there’s probably a pet store even closer to your house. Take a leisurely walk and relish the sight of fish, birds, and other fascinating creatures at your nearby pet center. It's a perfect opportunity for your baby to encounter vibrant and amusing animals in a relaxed environment – and it’s free!

2. Enjoy a Picnic Together

Of course, this suggestion relies on the weather conditions in your area. However, if it's feasible, dedicate an afternoon to relax in the park with your baby, accompanied by some tasty treats. There is a remarkable joy in spending time in nature with your child, and depending on their crawling skills, you might even have the opportunity to sit down for a while and give your legs a well-deserved rest.

9 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby Before They Can Walk

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3. Enjoy Some Tunes

Now is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to the world of music. Explore kid-friendly Spotify playlists together or attend an outdoor symphony in your city. You can even begin experimenting with musical instruments. Percussive egg shakers or small drums are great options to kickstart their musical journey.

4. Take a Trip to an Art Museum

Take a leisurely stroll through the museum with your baby, and let them delight in the vibrant colors and captivating shapes of the artwork. This also provides you with a few moments to appreciate the art as well. Another plus: it's far more convenient to navigate a museum while your little one is still confined to a stroller, ensuring their safety and preventing them from getting too close to the artwork.

5. Enjoy Dinner Out

Admittedly, this may not be the ideal choice for every parent, as some babies become fussy in unfamiliar surroundings. However, for some moms, the early days of having a tiny infant make going out a breeze. They can simply place the baby in a carrier and enjoy dining out regularly. These outings may become more challenging as your little one grows older and develops a strong curiosity to explore every corner of their surroundings.

9 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby Before They Can Walk

6. Plan Photo Shoots

As a parent, you understand how rapidly babies transform during their first year, and capturing their precious moments through photography becomes more challenging once they’re fully mobile. To immortalize the memory of your little one's early days, consider planning a monthly baby photo shoot in a consistent setting. You can place your adorable bundle of joy on a blanket alongside a sign displaying their age (e.g., "Emily, 4 months"), or position them in a large chair next to a stuffed toy that acts as a reference point for scale. That teddy bear that once towered over your newborn will soon be embraced by their toddler arms. Choose a location for the photo shoot where the backdrop remains constant, allowing the only evolving element to be your child's growth over time.

9 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby Before They Can Walk

7. Head to the Zoo

Almost every child's eyes sparkle with excitement when they see their beloved animals from picture books come to life, hear the playful sounds of monkeys, or observe the graceful movements of sea lions underwater through the safety of the glass. It's a magical experience that leaves a lasting impression. When planning a zoo visit, try to head out first thing in the morning. Be sure to pack layers since the zoo can have you switching climates frequently as you go from indoor to outdoor exhibits. You’ll also want to bring water, snacks, and a stroller – zoos can be exhausting, even for parents.

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8. Make a Splash

While those little legs may not have mastered walking yet, they can certainly make a big splash. Enjoying a parent and baby class at a nearby pool or simply setting up a kiddie pool in your backyard can lead to some seriously enjoyable moments.

9. Head Outdoors

Take pleasure in the wonders of nature by visiting a local garden center, strolling through a park, or even visiting a neighbor’s beautiful garden. Your baby will delight in the plants' diverse shapes and vibrant colors, and since they’re not yet mobile, you can also ensure that no one’s award-winning roses or delicate flowers are accidentally harmed by curious fingers or stepped on by little feet.

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